Pinterest Party #1

Pinterest Party DIYIt’s a party!

A Pinterest Party

Here’s how it works:

  • Get some inspiration from Pinterest (pinspiration).
  • Create a DIY project, outfit, recipe, craft, or room design from your Pinspiration.
  • Blog about it.
  • Come to a Pinterest Party on the first of every month and link up your blog post.

Here’s the rules:

  • Your post must be Pinterest inspired.
  • Link only the specific URL and not the general url for your blog…nothing like  It has to be specific.
  • Don’t link and run.  Visit other people and leave some comments.
  • Please link back to this post.

That was easy.  Now for the hard part – my projects.

Fashion:  I got some Pinspiration from this photo and decided to recreate the look from my closet.

Source: via Tricia on Pinterest

fashion pinterest outfit dress and bootsSorry about the lousy pictures, they are actually the best of the lot.  This dress looks crazy on film, because the stripes are so close together.  If you have seizures from my dress, I am really, really sorry.

Notice I match my bedroom?  Totally not planned.

Next up.

DIY:  I repainted my kitchen table.

It’s about time!  That’s what anyone who has been to my house is saying.

I bought this table about five years ago at a yard sale and it was painted green.  The paint was shot when I bought it, then we used it for a few years.  Things really got bad when my daughter spilled a bottle of nail polish remover on the table.  That was over a year ago and I’ve been ignoring the giant paintless circle in the center of my table ever since.

I thought it was unique to have a crop circle on my kitchen table.  None of my friends have one of those.

Anyway, enough was enough and I was going to paint.

This was my pinspiration.

Source: via Tricia on Pinterest

This is my table.  (I’ll do a full DIY post and let you know what products I used and how I actually went about painting the table.)

painted table

Now it’s your turn!

Link up your Pin-spired Post. (click on the Mister Linky to read posts or leave a link.)

Thanks for joining.  Hope you had fun.  Tell all your friends to join us on December first for the next Pinterest Party.


  1. I was excited to do Pinterest until I found out you have to do facebook first. I’m not interested in wasting my time with Facebook; so, alas I can’t do Pinterest either. It just isn’t fair…
    Your dress looks fabulous.

  2. Love your outfit! I’m so glad this is going to be a monthly event–I really wanted to link up this month, but haven’t been able to catch up enough to do a project AND blog about it. ;)

  3. ” If you have seizures from my dress, I am really, really sorry.” Best line of the whole blog!

  4. I LOVE your Pinspiration outfit and your re-creation! You look fantastic in that dress! How long is the linky open? I would like to participate, but haven’t had the chance to do much Pinterest-perusing lately. But I’m always looking for a good excuse!

  5. So, remind me – do I have all month to attempt a Pinterest adventure? I sure hope so. It’ll take that long to get it done!

    • The next Pinterest party will be on December first. You can just make a recipe or something…doesn’t have to be a huge project.

      Hope you’ll link up on December first!

  6. I have yet to sign up for Pinterest, still not on Facebook. Any bets on how long I can continue to hold out?

    You look fabulous and the table does too.

  7. You match your bedroom and your daughter matches the table. Too fun!!! The table really does look awesome and I like the outfit too.

  8. I liked my last Pinterest project – it’s at the bottom of the post but it is to date my favorite project! I use them all the time!!


  1. [...] had some leftover red paint from the table and slapped a coat on.  The boards are still rough cut and have little shards of hanging wood in [...]

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