Pizza Night: A Family Tradition

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Pizza Night: A Family Tradition (with Tony's Pizza)

I’m not good at family traditions.  It’s mostly because I’m scatterbrained and don’t take the time to think through rituals and establish traditions.  Every holiday is a little different from the last. We don’t have routines that are set in stone, or a way we always do things.

I like to think it’s because I’m flexible, but it’s probably because I’m scatterbrained and can’t even remember what I did yesterday, much less last year.

Life in our house is a little like a pot-luck supper.  You never know what you’re gonna get; however, there is one tradition we’ve managed to do well in our little family, and that is pizza night.

Actually, it’s Pizza Burp Night.

Not even pizza night could be normal for us!

Pizza Night: A Family Tradition (with Tony's Pizza)

This tradition began years ago, when my kids were so little they barely ate a whole slice of pizza.

We were always reminding them to mind their manners, keep their mouths closed while chewing, and not to talk with a mouthful.  But on Pizza Burp Night, manners were set aside for a can of soda and a belly full of carbonation.

Only one person would be named king or queen of Pizza Burp Night and it was a fight to the loudest, longest, most obnoxious burp possible.

If you doubt your little one’s burping prowess, just give them a can of soda and encourage them to do their best.  They may blow you away.  Literally.

Pizza Night:  A Family Tradition (with Tony's Pizza)

Through the years our one tradition has changed with our commitments and schedules.  It’s moved from Sunday night to Friday Night, and now to Saturday night.

Sometimes we order pizza to be delivered, sometimes we make our own pizzas, and other times we buy made-for-me pizza, like Tony’s Pizza.  Our kids have gone from eating one slice to fighting over the last slice.

One thing I’ve learned about tradition is that it’s not about doing it perfectly.  Things change and life takes over sometimes, but if it’s important to you and your family, work through the changes.

Tradition is less about how things look, or taste, and more about enjoying the people you’re with.  It’s a time to come together, throw caution to the wind, and for a few moments, just have fun.  It’s about loving the people closest to you.

That’s why, in our house, pizza isn’t just something we eat on Friday nights.  It’s a tradition.  It’s the constant my kids count on, and it’s all about family.

Pizza Night:  A Family Tradition (with Tony's Pizza)

Pizza Burp Night – You should try it.  You just might like it!

Your kids will get get a kick out of it, and you may be surprised who is crowned burp queen/king.

Pizza Night: A Family Tradition (with Tony's Pizza)

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Pizza Night: A Family Tradition (with Tony's Pizza)

Have you established any traditions in your family?

I’d love to hear about them!  Be sure to tell us all about your pizza nights or other traditions in the comments.

Now, go get your coupon and stock up on Tony’s Pizza, so you’ll be ready for pizza night.  And, blow your kid’s minds.  Grab some soda while your shopping and let them burp it up.

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  1. says

    I love that tradition! My husband and I do grilled cheese and tomato soup every Sunday night, and sometimes I look forward to it for days. We also do no-dish Sunday and eat on paper plates all day. I still have to wash the grill pan and the soup pan, but it makes my day so much easier! Love these fun family traditions. :)

  2. says

    Pizza night is always a hit here! It’s so easy & delish, plus it’s the one thing everyone here loves with no fighting to finish their dinners!

  3. says

    Can’t wait to try some Tony’s whenever we come to the States! It would be awesome to have a Pizza Burp Night with you guys. I’m not naming names, but I think we’ve got a ringer in our family. One of our girls can really belt ’em out.

    • says

      can all three of our families get to gether somehow? I think it would be total chaos fun!!! We have had slipper fight night but now I think I need to get with this and turn into a jr high mom. Bring on the Burps! – Dani

  4. says

    This is great!! I am horrible at making & keeping traditions for the very same reasons as you! But what a fun night I know my boys would absolutely LOVE this!! Lol! Free range burping? Yes please! Pizza look great too, I’m gonna have to try it!

  5. says

    I loooooove pizza! I could eat it every day, but unfortunately, all of my kidlets have grown up and left home, and now it is only the Man and I, and he doesn’t like pizza. :( So now my pizza-eating is pretty much limited to the once-a-month pizza night hosted by our church.

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