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Last night we were in the doctors.  My son has a sinus infection and we managed to get the very last appointment of the day.

When the nurse asked how long he’s had symptoms, I said, “It began on Friday.”

My son, the one who if I say the sky is blue must say it’s green, piped in, “I don’t remember it starting on Friday.”

“Well, grandma told me you began feeling sick on Friday night when I was away.  Remember?”

Then my daughter, her own nose red from blowing and her eyes all teary from a cold, chimed in. “Besides, grandma’s a doctor.  She should know.”

“She’s not a doctor.”  my son said.  “She’s deceived the next generation!”

Technically my son is right.  My mother is no doctor; she simply likes to self-diagnose, just like everyone else in my family.  You don’t even the Google doctor when you live with us. We’ve got it covered.  It’s called doctoring without a license.

And less you think I’m picking on poor old dear mom, I too am guilty of dishing out diagnosises.  I did come up with Eeyore syndrome.  What?  You’ve never heard of that??

You should of watched more Winnie The Pooh as a kid.

Ya, going to the doctors is always an adventure. Thanks to all the great doctors and nurses who put up with us.



In other news, I’m over at Fancy Little Things talking about writing and blogging and how sometimes it’s good to get out of our comfort zone and do hard things.  Because, you know, discipline leads to accomplishment.  It’s revolutionary.  Go figure!

So, follow the link and I’ll meet you there.

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    Why we don’t play doctor anymore…college son had to have knee surgery. That job on the factory floor was the final straw. When he went ot the orthopedic surgen the doc said, “Son, if you had come in when this happened we would not be doing surgery today.” Dad thought it would be fine. Then when daughter had a sprain with a xray just in case, turned out we (me, doc, phys therapist, trainer) were all wrong. It was a break and she had been training and practicing for cross country but it was the right kind so no permanent damaged. Then there was that time after 2 month I gave in…walking pneumonia. I think we have learned.

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    Lol! We are a family of self-diagnosees too!! I’m glad we’re not alone! On a recent ER visit (nothing major, thankfully) my dad was giving my husband a diagnosis in one ear, while my sister was calling him and telling him all of the tests he should have the doctor run. :-) Oh, well…. where would we be without family?

    Discipline leads to accomplishment….hmmm….convicting. True words, and I hate them very much! :-) Why can’t laying on the couch reading a novel or watching HGTV lead to accomplishment?

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