Pre-Holiday Kidtastic Crazies

I think Christmas is making me lose my mind just a little bit – not in the traditional “I have so much to do and so many presents to wrap I might have a nervous breakdown” way, but I think I’m getting as nutty as my kids.

They gave me their cold and their kidtastic pre-holiday crazies.  Now I’m not only shaking presents, but I’ve also gotten my dog-bark cough back.  It’s of the large breed variety that makes me sound like I’m dying of a highly contagious flu.   It’s no wonder the line in the post office cleared out when I walked through the doors.  I guess it does have its redeeming qualities after all.

The other day I was driving down Main St. and I thought, some people see M&M’s as a bag of little colored candies.  I see them as a support group.  I don’t know where that thought came from, but I suspect a bumper sticker influenced my thinking in a way that makes me yearn for twelve sessions with a shrink.  Do you think Santa will bring me a psychologist for Christmas?

This morning the nice lady across the street brought us over a whole tin of home-made fudge.  Bless her heart and my taste buds!  It is good.  This puts a whole new spin on God’s command to love our neighbors.  Right now I love her more than a sunshiny day in July.

Do you know we have no snow?  It’s mighty strange.  I don’t know what to make of it.  All I can do is blame our not-so-white Christmas on El Nino.  I also blame him for the lousy burrito I ate at Taco Bell, but that’s another story.

So on a scale from 1 to 5, (5 being done) how prepared are you for Christmas?

I’m also having a hard time trying to decide what to cook on Christmas.  Maybe you can help me.  Although my husband has filled our freezer with three fresh deer (and he’s trying for more), I don’t think my mom (who isn’t accustomed to eating venison) wants venison on Christmas.  So, can you help me think up a festive meal?

Here are the guidelines:

It must be cheap.

It must not contain sour cream.

It must be cheap.

Not so difficult, huh?  Go ahead and suggest away.  You guys are the bestest!


  1. Why don’t I bring the meat for the whole weekend!!!

  2. Great writing & Photography nice post :)

  3. I love your humour!

  4. I think Santa will leave you some M&Ms but probably not a shrink :) They’re probably better. We do the whole turkey dinner thing up here so I’m not a lot of help on the dinner front. Are you allowed to hunt more than one deer there? It’s only one here. Lucky you. not. ;)

    • Oh, yes. My husband is filling our freezer legally. He has several tags for deer…some buck, some doe. I really don’t pay much attention. It makes him feel good to hunt down our food, cut it, and bag it himself. Me, I’d just assume go to the grocery store. I rather hunt down a nice clearance sweater. You know what I mean? ;-)

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