Pregnancy Advice

I shared this bit of wisdom with my facebook friends; however, I think it’s worth repeating.

If at all possible, DO NOT give birth during the week of Christmas.

You will never remember to buy birthday wrapping paper, and you will confuse your Christmas party desserts with your birthday party desserts EVERY year.

Yes David, I once again used the ‘spilled paint’ method of cupcake and cookie decorating.  FringeMan would rather let me loose with a box of food dye, than to hand over the paint brush and color swatches.  We must remember, I grew up in the era of Rainbow Bright.

Have a happy Monday!


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    I might add or get married near Christmas. It may seem like a good idea because you can save a ton on flowers and decorations for the church, but just wait until February or March.

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    Oh sure – NOW you tell me! Minime’s birthday party is scheduled for the 29th. I think I’ll just pull something out from under the tree and re-wrap it in birthday paper. Your cupcakes are precious!

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    I’ve heard tale of dropping acid and having rainbow visions. Who needs acid with FringeGirl in the kitchen? Homemade is homemade. Yum! ~Mindy

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    Debbie above cracked me up with her description of your baked goods!!! Too funny! Anyway, you’re a step ahead of me. I wouldn’t make them, I would’ve bought them. So see, you’re doing great!!!

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    Those are the happiest cupcakes and cookies I have ever seen! Kinda Whoville/Oz/Charlie Brown/Wonkafied all rolled out in one swoop…with a little Strawberry Shortcake thrown in for good measure! That my dear is JUST desserts!

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