Publix, Will you marry me?

I am in love with Publix.

I’ve really never been fond of grocery stores.  They are on my list of “must do in order to survive”, like scrubbing the shower and cleaning the drain in the kitchen sink.  I don’t particularly like those tasks, but if I don’t do them, we’ll probably catch some flesh eating bacteria and die a slow, very nasty death.  At least that’s what I tell myself when I need motivation to break out the Scrubbing Bubbles.

Since I’ve landed in Georgia, the state, not the country (although it is a foreign land to us and my daughter asked if she needed a passport to come on down), I love grocery shopping.

Admittedly my first trip to the grocery store put me in shock.  I was wandering around, probably with wide eyes, a slack jaw, and a few drips of drool sliding down my chin, when my aunt said, “Different, huh?”

Um, ya.


It was like I entered the Twilight Zone.  Someone greeted me at the door.  The man at the deli counter kept handing me samples of deli meats and cheeses.  Strangers smiled at me and a stock-boy wished me a good afternoon.  Then, the unthinkable happened.  Not only did this guy bag my groceries, but he carried them out to my car and loaded them in my trunk.

I nearly fainted.

It was a conversion experience in the parking lot of Publix.

I became a grocery store lover, but not just any grocer store.  It’s gotta be Publix, my Publix.

Do you think they will deliver to New York?

Saturday night I ran into Publix for a bag of potatoes and the cashier looked at me and said, “You look exceptionally beautiful today.  I don’t know; this may be your normal, but you look beautiful.”

Friends, I don’t care if it’s all lies. I like it!

Now, if you’ll excuse me.  I think I need a gallon of milk or maybe some strawberries.

Publix, I’m coming!

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  1. says

    Do you know, that the first thing Sweetman and I do when we arrive at the nana and ahab’s, is to hit Publix. #Trueloveforever Every. Single. Time. New England’s grocery stores don’t hold a candle…

  2. Priscilla says

    Just got back from Publix….had 2 of the workers at the deli counter offer to help me at once and the bakery girl smiled at me for no reason but just to be nice…..then I went to check-out and since I only had a few things they sent me to the front to get checked out quicker. I love PULBIX too!! I live in SC :-)

  3. says

    I miss living in Tennesse and Georgia. I feel a “darlin’ and Honey and well, didn’t that just bless your socks right off” coming on! They still smile in North Carolina too.

  4. says

    I love Publix and I really miss it since we moved to Michigan. Not only is Publix a great store, but they’re really great about coupons, especially competitors coupons. Between that and their bogo deals, you get great service and great deals!

  5. Kristie P says

    I was so excited to see you post about Publix. So glad to see someone else enjoys Publix as much as I do!! I live in Ga and find myself at Publix more than frequently. Lol love to shop there!!!

  6. says

    FringeGirl, we were always Kroger sympathizers when we lived in the States, and specifically in Georgia. Publix and Kroger were right next to each other and we always found better prices at Kroger. I’ll have to try out Publix in a few months. Boy are we ready to be in the States.

  7. Kristin says

    Since moving away from Florida, that’s one of the few things I miss. Publix! BUT they are building one in the town beside mine!!!!

  8. says

    I love Publix, too! My cousin lives in Atlanta, so Publix is where we go shopping when we visit her. Well, that’s just us. She shops there all the time. In Texas we have HEB, and I looooooooooove HEB!!

  9. says

    I love, LOVE publix. They are magic. A friend of mine had her 2 year old with her, and she was cranky and loud. What did they do? Brought her a balloon. They’re really fabulous. And I’m sure you were looking lovely that morning. ;)

  10. Rebecca says

    Here in Northwest Louisiana and Northeast Texas, we have local chain – Brookshires, that does the same thing. Compliment you, bag a carry out your groceries. It is worth paying a few pennies more to get great service!

  11. Jennifer says

    Welcome to Georgia! I love living down South. If you leave before summer you’re all good. That’s when the atomic temperatures and mutant bugs come out to play. I had a friend from Jersey who moved here and she was convinced we have whole different species of bugs. :)

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