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My wicker coffee table is soon to be a pile of splinters.  Apparently wicker is only slightly less tasty than rawhide.  I’m certainly glad I rescued this castaway table from a trash pile; total investment being a whopping $1.98 in cheap spray paint.

Either I was going to have another baby or get a puppy and a puppy won the vote of my family, especially since my son wanted me to deliver an 8 or 9 year-old boy.  It’s bad enough my daughter weighed 9.8 pounds at birth.  I cannot imagine the stitches I would need after delivering a 65 pounder.  No, I’m just not a hardy enough woman for that kind of birthing and epidurals scare me.  I have a slight aversion to large needles entering my spine.

Nowadays adopting a puppy from the local pound is more difficult than planning for a child.  Twice I left the hospital with newborns and no-one called friends and family for a reference check.  I had no home visits and not one person asked if I had a playpen for the backyard.  Why doesn’t that make sense to me?

It seems fitting that this puppy has a slightly unusual name.  I am already getting the raised eyebrow and questioning glare when after a slight hesitation, I reveal her name.  I can take no credit for naming Oriana.  At 9 weeks, she already knows her name and responds to our call.  Oriana it is…my constellation puppy.  Doesn’t “Oriana” sound like something in outer-space?  Right now she looks a little like a martian with her lamp shade.  Take a peek.

Her “fix” just finished being restitched.  This feisty pup successfully removed her first set of stitches and I can’t blame her.  Who wants those little knots irritating their tummy anyway?  Poor girl…no babies in her future…no getting up twenty times a night for feedings…no changing stinky diapers…no cleaning spit-up of her new couch…no calling 911 every-time her little guy sneezes…Oh, we’re talking about the dog, right?  Sorry, I got carried away.

Watch out when she gets the lamp shade off!  She’s a handful that can’t wait to eat my sofa.  If I let her sleep on it I think she may forgo making it her next meal.

Oriana is in the festive fall spirit.  She’s determined to get this pumpkin and she’s not even waiting for pie.

She’s a lap dog already.  Let’s hope this mutt doesn’t get too big.  I warn you now, this post is about to go downhill in a hurry. 

Look at those dirty feet!  End of the day foot dirt and toe jam should never make its way into a photo.  I know what you’re thinking…I haven’t bought my poor children any shoes this fall and they are forced to run through the streets of NY barefoot…that’s about right.  I do give them plastic baggies once the snow flies.   It’s called waterproofing.

Speaking of snow…it hailed something fierce this morning and snowed just North of us.  I left Maine because of snow in October and May.  What’s going on?

If you actually read this entire post, please do let me know.  You deserve a purple heart or something…at least a door prize of sorts.  I know, most of you just scanned through the cute puppy pictures.  I don’t blame you!


  1. How old is she? I’ve always had to wait until my dogs were 6 months to be spayed. Was she spayed? Seems early if the pound spayed her. At least with rabbits, we don’t have to worry about the stitches…they use internal ones and then glue. Odd, but rabbits can’t deal with the cone…they won’t eat, etc. My rabbits like to pull books from the bookshelves. I trained Bindi not to do that. He knows what he’s allowed to do. Now I’m going through that with Dolly. At least she doesn’t seem obsessed with peeing on my couch to make it her own. I cannot wait until they can be together. She’s still probably too aggressive because she’s not fixed until next Tues. Blah blah…I know. Your dog is super cute. Is she a mixed breed? You never did tell me. She has a brindle coat which makes her look even more pit.

  2. Your puppy is adorable! The toes cracked me up! Only a mother would photograph that one!

  3. Being a one time labor and delivery nurse, I too, LOL’d at the thought of delivering the 8-9 year old! That being said, if it were not for pitosin (labor inducing drip) I would still be harboring my 21 year old in my belly….she did not want to come out…..wished I had been able to keep her in there for years 12-17…..18 and older has been quite lovely.

    The puppy is almost as cute as your daughters dirty feet :)

  4. I have a new “grandpuppy”. How adorable is Oriana!!!
    As far as Annaliese’s feet—I remember yours being like that too at the end of a fun day.

  5. A PUPPY!?!? Oriana…..I like it=) And I love your stories – you crack me up!!!!

  6. I read it all and enjoyed the puppy pictures. :)

  7. Adorable puppy! I hope she is a great companion for your kids! Grubby feet are a sign that someone had a fun day. The dirtier my kids are at the end of the day, the happier they were all day long!

  8. A dog?

  9. You musta ate funny pills for breakfast ’cause this, “especially since my son wanted me to deliver an 8 or 9 year-old boy” had me laughing and then the you probably just scanned my pictures had me reeling! I did however read the entire post and fully expect my purple heart by carrier later today. Erin in Canada. They’ll find me. There aren’t that many of us!

    LOVE your header photo!

  10. What Mindy failed to say was that in the early, early morning the temperature got down to 35, and I live way south of her. Now that’s brrrr for anybody anywhere.

    Loved the sweet, dirty feet with a touch of nail polish on that precious child. One of my favorite mommy jobs was drying off the clean-once-again feet and kissing their little soles/souls, if you know what I mean.

    Mommy jobs are the best jobs…well, until they get 13. And 14. And 15. 16 is better because they can drive, but then a whole new set of problems begin. Lucky you!

    No, really. Lucky you!

    The Texas Woman

    P.S. Cute doggie, too.

  11. Trying the puppy thing again, ay? ha ha ha She’s adorable!!! Her feet look a little big,……hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm……………when she hits 65lbs, let me know. ;-)

    Okay, love you, bye!

  12. Oh yeah..almost forgot Oriana is adorable! And those nasty feet….well, I can appreciate a child’s dirty feet, so they are cute to me!

  13. I read EVERY word. Promise.

    The best posts are when folks ramble….umm…not that you rambled or anything…I’m just saying….

    Better quit while you still like me….

  14. I read it all. Puppy, big babies, stitches, lap, feet, baggies, hail. Do I pass the test and win something special? I must admit, prior to seeing the entire name, I saw the O and feared you had been blessed with a puppy named Obama. And then, I saw Oriana and for some reason my mind went somewhere else, that kinda rhymes. I’m over it and am embrassing Oriana. Sweet puppy! Thanks for another entertaining read with pictures! ~Mindy

    By the way, it got up to 76 here in my part of Texas today. Brrr!

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