Winter White

A combination of raging hormones and February gloom triggered a bathroom induced depression.  Not the kind of depression where I hide under the covers and don’t brush my hair, but the variety that tempts me to charge one-way airline tickets to Florida. 

I hate looking out my window and seeing winter’s grey clouds.  The lack of sunshine makes me slightly crazy each winter and I usually begin painting my walls obnoxious shades of yellow.  Sure enough, this winter I considered painting my bathroom a grass green and splashing the walls with giant daises.  I rejected the idea of painting mainly because I do all the painting on the domestic fringe and I just didn’t feel like exerting that much effort. 

Instead I went for a 15 minute make-over and I’m SO happy.  Over the past twenty-four hours, I’ve found myself wandering into the bathroom just to look around and smile.  It’s lighter, brighter, and more my style. 

100_1743This is a before shot…actually it was taken right after we moved into the house.  I used burgundy colored towels and a beige shower curtain with embroidered burgundy flowers.  I liked it; it went with the overall bathroom design, but it also bugged me.  I felt as if I were using someone else’s bathroom.  It’s just not my style.  I can appreciate it’s beauty, but it’s not me.

100_1744Notice how everything matches?  The mirror, the medicine cabinet, the sink base…when I decorate, nothing matches.  It’s a terrible habit of mine.


I love using white in decorating.  It just makes me happy.


All I did was change the shower curtain, add a few white towels, and four plastic picture frames.  I bought these frames in Wal-Mart for $2.50 each.  I’ll add snapshots as soon as I have a few printed.


It was a quick, cheap face-lift.


This painting hangs above the lightswitch on the side of the sink.  I purchased it a few years ago from a local Maine artist.  I’ll admit it’s odd, but I absolutely love it. 


How does winter affect you?


  1. says

    Oh my gosh, we have the exact same bathroom, just in reverse! Yours looks lovely! The white really does brighten up a room! I also have a white shower curtain in mine, although I just bought a clearance one at Target from Rachel Ashwell’s line (which I have yet to hang!)…I’m with you on the February gloom… Will spring ever arrive?… Donna @ An Enchanted Cottage

  2. Erica says

    Your white shower curtain is crisp and beautiful. I think your bathroom is great, I love how you put everything together

  3. SYDNEY says

    Well, I LOVE what you did, and the white just makes everything look so fresh, clean, roomy, spa-like, and happy. You did good girl! Fringe girl, that is.

  4. says

    I love winter. I like the rain. I think that’s because I’m not up north for one, and for another, I like to write when it’s kind of dismal outside. I do like the nice bright touches of sunshine through the windows and sprays of flowers and such to liven things up.

    Today it’s about 78 degrees here in Austin, and the next few days promise to be similarly miserable (heh, heh). Sorry you all have so much snow. But it’s so pretty!

    I like the way you lightened up your bathroom. The lighter shower curtain does wonders I think.

  5. says

    Funny how when you make something over you will walk by it purposely over and over just to see it but then after a few days you can fall face first into it and not notice. Here’s hoping you don’t fall face first into your bathroom though!

    Apparently winter drives me stark raving mad after a while. We just got ANOTHER THREE FEET OF SNOW this past weekend. It’s obscene.

  6. says

    Great changes! I think because we spend so much time indoors in the winter, we feel even more the desire to change things. It’s so much fun.

    I’m actually one of those weirdos that likes winter! Though, by March, I’m over it. Thankfully, it’s pretty much over by then.

  7. says

    Sometimes simple little touches can make a huge difference. And I love white in a bath…white towels are my favorite…well they were until we got dogs! I think your bath looks very bright and happy….and almost springlike!

  8. says

    What a great makeover – I thought “clean spring-fresh sheets on the clothes line blowing in the warm air in a field of daisies”.

    I hate winter and cold with a passion. So thankful that we will break 80 for highs this week. Take THAT groundhog!

  9. Grace Rinaldi says

    I love winter! It’s my excuse for getting into my PJ’s at 4:30. I almost get sad when the days get longer because the pajamas have to wait. I redecorate the living room from my stash of stuff just about every week. I love what you did in the bathroom. You do have a lovely bathroom, it just needed to be made Triciaish.

  10. says

    It just so happened that Mindy was at my house when your blog came up last night. She was the one at the computer, so she read it aloud to me.

    After she read the words, “when I decorate, nothing matches. It’s a terrible habit of mine,” she turned to me and said, “That is NOT a terrible habit!!”

    So there you go!

    I like the new look. Even the painting.

    Winter can get me down from time to time. Especially those times when we go days and days without any direct sunlight. Exercise helps. But I am definitely looking forward to spring and summer!

  11. says

    I love that just a few changes makes something bearable!!

    Very loverly!

    I think I would say that my best defense against winter is to ignore it as much as possible. Because, from experience, it’s not going anywhere.

  12. says

    I love your white frames – they make me smile just looking at them.

    You quick makeover is fantastic – instant gratification!

    I don’t mind winter so much now that I am at home with the kids. When I worked full time and it was dark when I left the house in the morning, and dark before I came home, and I felt I never saw daylight – ugh! But with the kids, we are out and about much more :)

  13. says

    I really like the flowers, it sure brings the fresh outdoors in. I want that faucet! You did a fantastic job with the makeover. Not long and spring will be here.

    I enjoyed winter more before I had kids. I still like winter but it is hard when the kids are stuck inside so much. I have things for them to do during the day but there is nothing like fresh air for a kid. Then summer rolls around and I can’t get them inside =)

  14. says

    Winter effects me the same way. I am so over it. The weather hear has been fantastic. The tulips are popping up and I have spring fever. The bathroom looks great.

  15. says

    I know I have, what’s it called?, SAD. If there is no sunlight, there is no action. It doesn’t affect me at night just during the day.
    I just turn into a big ol’ slug incapable of brushing my hair, let alone getting dressed. I go around turning every light on trying to lift my spirits.
    Now that white would perk me right up. I love it. Have you considered keeping the new family instead in light of recent events or has a settlement been reached?
    I would have bought that painting as well. The color is fantastic.


  16. says

    ok i am strange i love winter…but then again where i live we end up with spring days in mid winter. I love that painting, i would so buy it…

    i am a freak about a matching bathroom…i am not like that in any other room but my bathroom must match.

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