Raining From Heaven

Each morning, I open my front door only to find gifts left by motorists and pedestrians alike.  Some of these gifts are so unusual, I suspect they’ve rained down from heaven above.


I found this full loaf of Italian bread on my lawn Saturday morning.  Strangely enough, it made me happy.  This bread was my manna from heaven.  I don’t think it’s coincidence that I currently feel like an Israelite wandering in the wilderness for forty years. 


Hubcaps are a more common find.  In fact, at Christmas I considered hanging my collection from the tree in front of my house.  I figured they’d be unique ornaments.

I had such a variety of hubcaps in my collection that some thought I was going into business.  Not a bad idea!  You’ve heard of a fruit stand; this will be an auto parts stand. 

I’m hanging out my shingle.

Domestic Auto Parts

Pre-owned and Pre-loved




  1. this post just made me laugh out loud.. what the heck?

  2. What?!?!? Bread? Weird!

  3. caprik is right! That is funny! Weird, but funny.

  4. “Subs and Hubs” LOL!
    Now that there’s funny, I don’t care who you are!!!

  5. Hey there is a definite market for those hubcaps…I had to replace one on my convertible once…the damn thing cost me $60 !!! The bread….not so much…unless you can get the squirrels to trade you something of value for it!

  6. Well, if you hang the hubcaps from your tree, maybe when the person who lost it will see if when they drive by again and claim it!!

  7. Subs and Hubs! Isn’t Debbie creative? Yup…on the tree year round. I bet your neighbors would love you! ~Mindy

  8. Where do you live that this happens?

  9. What oddities! Do you live on a main road? I can’t imagine how those things get there.

  10. Girl, you crack me up sometimes!!!

  11. Large Italian manna! You are truly blessed!

    I like your idea of decorating the tree with hubcaps! First line the edges of them with Christmas lights. They might look like giant snowflakes at night!

  12. Italian bread and Japanese hubcaps…you are a regular little U.N. oasis. How about calling your new business venture Subs and Hubs? Debbie

  13. You could also sell those hubcaps on ebay…or make a true trash garden border- spray paint them a color and bury them 1/2 way in the ground…

    When life gives you lemons – or hubcaps and bread :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and for your kind words. Things get better with time.


  14. Ya know hub caps would be the perfect size for a tree. Great idea. Maybe put a sign..claim your hub cap..Merry Christmas. You may have just started something there. And for the bread..break it up for the birds.. They would enjoy this.

  15. Too bad they didn’t leave some sandwich meats to go with the bread!
    I guess it is better than the drug paraphernalia we used to find outside when we lived in Yonkers.

  16. A loaf of bread? I wonder the story behind it – how on earth it got into your yard? :)

  17. Catching up on blog reading. I think a roadside auto parts store sounds lovely. You make me smile with your antics, I loved the kids rights post and the puppy adoption post. At least puppies start to act a bit more civilized as they grow. (we have two dogs and 4 cats so we definitely should own stock in swiffers) I do wonder why someone would toss a loaf of bread. Pam

  18. Mmm… Must.go.to.Subway…

  19. Who throws a whole loaf of bread out of the window? Sounds like me when I started South Beach.

    And, your comment about me not having a big butt made me giggle because my butt is ginormous. OK, maybe not ginormous, but baby got back.

  20. This sounds like a David Letterman skit…. “What’s in Fringegirl’s Yard?”

  21. So in addition to the auto parts biz, are you thinking about a bakery consignment shop? I’m guessing the market for day (or five) old bread may not be strong in this economy. Although there might be a niche market with the ducks and geese that’s worth exploring?

  22. Midnight Auto Supply. Sounds good to me. I used to have an upholstery shop which I named Midnight Upholstery because that’s when we worked. We were young and awake during that time and slept late in the mornings…OK, we slept until afternoon. Ahhh, youth!

    The Texas Woman

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