Raising Generations Today Conference Highlights

This past weekend, I attended Raising Generations Today.  If you ever get the chance to go to a conference on anything, go!  You’ll leave blessed and full and recharged.

Instead of me writing of me yapping about what a great time I had, I thought I would share some of the speaker’s highlights with you.

Lisa-Jo Baker was a keynote speaker.  We all know her best for her writing on motherhood and 5 Minute Fridays.

A few years back, I wrote a bit of a manifesto on why I would never wear skinny jeans (and yes, I’ve since eaten crow).  Lisa-Jo read that post and helped it get a whole lot of attention.  Apparently many of us have issues with the skinny’s.

I was so happy to get to finally meet her in person and chat with her for a few minutes.  Of she says “skinny jeans must die”, but she also gave one of the best “mom talks” I’ve heard.  She made her writing come to life.

Raising Generations Today - Lisa-Jo Baker & Tricia Gillespie

Here are a few snippets I caught.

Sometimes the best thing you can do for a child  is to encourage his or her mother.

Parenting is hard because it’s designed that way.  Parenting is a real-life parable of selfless love and redemption.

Rest is something that’s built into us.  It’s necessary.

There is no rage like the exhausted rage of motherhood.

Exhaustion is a faithful friend, but so is grace.

Christ breaks all our expectations and offers us back more satisfying ones.

Motherhood is like breaking up with yourself for someone you eventually love more.

There is no such thing as ‘just a mom’.

They had a lot great speakers at this conference.  I went to Elisa Pulliam’s workshop on teens and tweens and I can’t find my notes anywhere.  If they turn up, I’ll share them, but for now, you can check out Elisa’s website.  It’s a wonderful resource.

I ran into her first thing, maybe even before I got registered and that was really cool, because we have a mutual friend from Long Island.  I had originally been introduced to Elisa at a Bible study in Long Island quite a few years ago, so I loved hearing her speak.  I’m just sad I don’t have my notes to share with you.

Raising Generations Today  - Lisa Leonard and Tricia GillespieYou guys, I told you there were some great speakers.  Lisa Leonard is one of my favorite bloggers.  She’s happy and sweet and she’s the same person online and off line.  She brought her whole family to this conference and it was my pleasure to meet them all.

When I introduced myself to her, She wrinkled up her nose and said, “Wait a minute. I know you.”

I felt like running through the crowd shouting, “she knows me, she knows me!”  But, you know, then I would appear more crazy than I already am, so I kept my excitement in check.

I was able to go to her workshop, Finding Beauty in Brokeness where she talked candidly about herself and her family and the beauty that is in the brokeness of having a child with special needs.  If you don’t know Lisa through her blog, you should definitely go get to know her.

Guilt never gives you a break.  You cannot win with guilt.  Guilt ‘s twin sister is pride.  True humility is knowing we need God.

Take time to rest.  Don’t wait to rest until you are beyond help.

Start living today.  Whatever you want to do, start today.

Stop worrying about ‘what if’ and embrace what is.  The what if’s lead to discontentment.  There is a lot of beauty in what is.

Take up your calling to live bravely.  Motherhood is a call to bravery.

I wish you could have all been with us this weekend at Raising Generations Today, but I know that’s impossible (they were sold out).  I hope you enjoyed some of these nuggets.  Be sure to jot down the one that resonated with you and let God work the truth into you.

And if you ever get the chance to go away for a few days and hear some great speaker, do it.  You’ll be better for it.

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    It sounds like you collected more than a few beautiful gems. What a great line-up of speakers to hear from! I’m so glad you got away and were able to soak in the wisdom.

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