Real-Life Housewives of NY – Sitting Poolside

Summer Fun - Poolside


I know some of you think that I’m real-life housewife of New York, glamorously lounging poolside while my children frolic in the chlorinated blue water, but in all actuality, when  you’re used to this for seven months out of the year…


FringeGirl snow sledding


and then you get temperatures that rise extremely close to the 100 degree mark without even factoring in the humidity, my lounging poolside tends to look like this…


Real-Life Housewives - Lounging Poolside


All of you living below the Mason-Dixon line are shaking your heads.

I know.


So here’s the big question…Do you wear a hat in the sun?

I realize anything has to be better than a shirt on my head, but I think a wide brim hat, a-la Jackie-O would be a little too pretentious for my city pool.

Any recommendations?


Note:  FringeMan snapped this photo and said, “Now that’s a blog post!”


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Oh, and I’ve finally graduated out of a flip-phone.  Shocker, huh?  Come follow along on Instagram!




One more very important thing.

A road trip drama including a mom and her potty training little girl.


I’m over at Fancy Little Things today talking about a summer time adventure.  Here’s an excerpt, but you really need to read the whole thing.  It’s probably the grossest thing my daughter has ever done.


Even though we bring only the necessities and leave the kitchen sink at home where it belongs, the adventure is the same and surprises never disappoint.

Finding clean bathrooms for a little potty training girl is like finding a good sale on designer shoes. They are far and few between. When my daughter was two, we traveled from Maine to Florida and back. Every time she had to go potty, my husband would pull over; I’d run out and inspect bathrooms, retaining the power to veto a rest-stop.

This day, we were on our third bathroom inspection. I knew I must accept the fact that clean is subjective. So I pulled out baby wipes, paper towels, and anti-bacterial soap, cleaning the toilet for my daughter. I was proud she did so well potty-training on the road.



Read the rest over on Fancy Little Things - Everything But The Kitchen Sink.

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  1. says

    I’ve been wearing a hat to the pool for years. My floppy favourite got vetoed this year, so I wore a wide-brimmed straw hat with a navy blue band. I fear I would have suffered sunstroke without it this week. I was often the only Mom sitting beside the pool–everyone else fought for the tiny patch of shade at the bottom of the hill–but I had my hat!

    So wear a hat with pride!

  2. says

    While turbans and headwraps are the rage this summer…I don’t know girl. It’s up to you to figure out which you’d rather be…compared to the incomparable Jackie O or Little Edie. I place the decision in your hands…or on your head!
    BTW…here below the Mason Dixon line, a hat is a must. ‘Course when cursed with a melon head like me, it doesn’t always mean it looks stylish. But I’d rather have hat head than freckles and wrinkles.
    P.S. John was right…great post!

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