Redneck Vacation

redneck vacationMy kids went back to school Monday after a week of Spring break.  We enjoyed a wonderful week full of sunny days, the great outdoors, and bicycle riding; however, several children in my kid’s classes went on a cruise for Spring break.

I am happy for their families, because it’s nice to experience a week of warm weather when you live in the tundra.  If I had the money, I would have been cruising myself.

So the dinner conversation naturally turned to these kid’s experiences on the cruise ship.

Finally my daughter exclaimed, “Well, we went on a cruise too!”

Time out.

I know I’m on the fast track to Alzheimer’s, but I would have at least 542 photos of me with a sunburned nose and 10 extra pounds of cruise food to remind me of my dream vacation.

Laughingly I said, “We’ve never been on a cruise.  What are you talking about?”

Finally after much splanin by FringeKid, the lights turned on in my head.

“That was a ferry!  NOT a cruise.”  I said cracking up.

And that my friends is Red Neck Cruising.

Come July, I’m gonna tell my kids to pack their bags.  We may just set sail for Staten Island.  The upside of that kinda cruise is that we’ll be home in time for me to cook dinner.


What did you do for Spring break?

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  1. Jaybird says

    I have to tell you that last year when we went to Galveston, my crazy husband took me on two ferry rides, and then came home and told everyone that we went on a cruise. The sparkle in his eye when he told them where, was worth the diesel fumes on the “cruise”. Your daughter is in GREAT company!!! give her a hug from this ole’ granny!

  2. says

    Hey lady, thanks for stopping by my blog! Isn’t it great that you can make your kids happy for a fraction of the price? That’s awesome. Enjoy it while it lasts! :)

    Have an Extraordinary Day!

  3. robinaltman says

    She’s so sweet!!! I used to take off the week of the boys’ Spring Break, but this time I just worked. Strangely enough, I didn’t think they’d want to hang out with Mommy at this age.

  4. says

    Sounds like the FringeKid is easy to please! Glad she had fun on her cruise!

    My birthday weekend is coming up and Mindy is taking me to a bed and breakfast. We’re combining it with a little dab of work I need to do on the travel trailer in Warrenton. Having fun with my sweetheart and getting something accomplished in the same weekend is a good thing!

  5. says

    Your daughter rocks my socks off!! How cool is that? Reminds me of the mom in Angela’s Ashes taking her kids upstairs to Italy in Ireland’s rainy season…

    You are blessed!!!

  6. says

    Ahhh. See? Your kids enjoy anything you do WITH them. So, it’s all good. Cruise. Ferry. Whatever. You went somewhere together! I have no kids, so I have no spring break. My entire life is a break. HAAAAAAAa! ~Mindy

  7. says

    Kids’ perspectives are priceless!! And even better, she enjoyed what she had, even if it wasn’t truly a cruise!! As for our Spring Break, we didn’t do much of anything, other than stay home and enjoy mellow, relaxing, family time together.

    I came here by way of PW and am glad I did! Looks like you have quite a few fun posts (on the first page alone) to check out. :> Hope your day is going well!

  8. says

    Jeff Foxworth says you know you’re a redneck if a cruise trip means to drive around the Dairy Queen…so I think this is just as apropos! Welcome to my world…next thing you know…she’ll be saying y’all!

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