Reliving My Childhood

Reliving my childhood?  As if once wasn’t bad enough?

Not that my childhood was terrible by any means, but I wouldn’t want to go back to being 5, or 9, or even 14.  27, now that’s a number I’d like to see again.

Throughout childhood, I dreamed of having a pretty room painted pink or purple.  In my dream, yards of white fabric would frame my bed and canopy my head.  My dreams never came true.

In reality, my room was butt ugly.  Sorry mom, but you gotta admit that it was less than pretty. 

My room was paneled and although I was spared the dinginess of cheap brown paneling, it was paneled nonetheless.  This paneling started off white and morphed into cream with a greenish-gold hue.  Characters, created by deep yellowed grooves, almost came to life when you squinted.  At times these characters scared the pee out of me, causing me to sleep with my light on until I went to college.  Other times, they were useful and  entertained much more than counting sheep. 

I’m digressing in the post.  It’s really all about FringeKid’s room now.  I love her room.


And, although I realize it’s slightly busy, she loves the patterns.  The curtains have jellyfish floating freely in a sea of pink cotton.  She sheets are crazy florals and the blanket polka dots…the reverse stripes.  Over-the-top, but whimsically comfortable at the same time.


The felt butterflies were a gift and add so much color to the “boring” side of the room. 

I really should paint those doors!


The hat lamp makes me think of Alice In Wonderland.


Recently, while in the dollar store, I found the flower garden.  They are wall stickers and I adore them.  The wall was nearly naked and now it’s abuzz in life.


I want to play when I go into this room.  It makes me want to dream happy dreams.  I finally have the pretty room I always wanted.  I just let my daughter sleep in it…(wink).


  1. Great job on the room! Very nice!

  2. Love her room. I share your memory of my childhood room. It was actually a small apartment bedroom. No posters, no pictures, no girlie stuff, nada … just a bed, dresser, and some toys. That’s all I remember. I, too, am jealous of my girls’ rooms and tell them they’d better appreciate what they have.

  3. Laura Conley says:

    you have officially given me Spring Fever

  4. Can I move in??? I love it! I have a great idea for those door too (no painting need) and it will be done it a half hour, tops!!
    I’ll be doing a post on how to spice up drawer fronts in the next couple of weeks!

  5. LOVE the wall garden! :)

  6. Okay, I admit the paneling (very 70′s) was ugly. You had pretty curtains but not “yards of white fabric would frame my bed and canopy my head”. Give me a break—I had to constantly clean that room of yours to keep out the dust mites!!!!!! Your room ionizer was working overtime with the minimal decorations you had.
    Annaliese’s (or should I say your room) room is beautiful. Last time I slept in it I woke up feeling like the Queen of the Castle!

  7. I love it! Those wall sticky things are awesome. All the colors are so cheerful. The doors…I’m thinking either chalkboard, or a mural. Since you’ll be doing the work, I’ll let you choose. Ha! Good job! ~Mindy

  8. Too cute! I was just so happy to find out that Kaity was on the way because I’ve always loved butterflies and whether she likes it or not, butterflies WILL be a part of her life ;~)

    I had SO much fun doing her room, its simple and I think you can find it on our old blog actually, just use the link from our current blog.

    I’m looking forward to the future when she is in Ben’s old captains bed and I can pick out a cute like comforter for her w/ butterflies on it of course :) It will be fun!

    Great job w/ her room by the way!

  9. I had a double-butt ugly room…..later, when I was 10 I think, My mom “feather dusted” it….oh my…do you guys remember that?!?—Feather Dusting!!!!

  10. robinaltman says:

    It is awesome and gorgeous! What a wonderful room!

    My parents indulged me like crazy. My room had two walls papered with giant pink and yellow flowers, and I had posters and pictures all over. I made my mom do the room over when I went to college. It felt like I was coming home to a “Robin Shrine”.

  11. Oh lala!! My daughter is sitting her with me and now we are planning her room transformation. Beautiful and fun ideas! Thanks!

  12. That is a fun room and probably the room most little girls would love to have!!!

  13. I love the room even though there’s not a horseshoe or dead animal in sight! Nice bright colors. I hope FringeMan doesn’t get too lonesome with both his gals now living in this room!

    The Texas Woman

  14. Fun, colorful, creative and filled with future lovely memories for your daughter. You should be proud. I could go from 25 to 35 again with no problem but I’m pretty happy at 51 right now. Pam

  15. What a magical place to dream and encourage flying to the top of her potential. Look at all the winged creations telling her to find her wings and go for it! I love it. E-mail me your address and if you like, I’ll send you the canopy to finish off your dream bedroom. I have a lot! Debbie

  16. I can guarantee you right now that your child will never be telling someone someday anything but how WONDERFUL her mother was because she had that room.

    And I’m with you all the way on not wanting to relive any of my childhood, except for the part where I had no bills to pay, had someone else cook and clean. And I will meet you at 27… we will dance all night in dresses that fit great with heels…and both look AND feel fine the next day. *sigh*

  17. It is adorable. She is one lucky girl and you did an awesome job creating a fun and happy place for her to grow up!!

  18. I LOVE IT… Tell Annaliese (and you) to move over, I’m coming to stay there too! :)

  19. Evergreen says:

    Love the room!! I hope you….uh….Annaliese will be happy with it!!

  20. What a beautiful room! Any little girl would love to have it.

  21. Love Fringegirl’s room. It’s so Happy. And Fun.

    Left you an award on my blog (but I think you have this one already.)

  22. I love the butterflies!!

  23. LOVE that flower garden!!
    Also love the new ocean header. We can dream, can’t we?

  24. Your daughter’s room is adorable!

    Growing up all I wanted was a room that was mine. I had to share a room with my 2 sisters. In fact I was in high school before I even had a bed of my own. lol

  25. I would love to be a kid in that room! It’s so whimsical!


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