Rolo Poppers – Salty & Sweet Snacks

Rolo Poppers are the perfect mix between salty and sweet and I do love me some salty and sweet snacks.

How about you?

Rolo Poppers = The perfect salty and sweet snack

My daughter’s best friend’s mother (that’s like 7 degrees of separation plus one family member’s friend) makes these every time she has a party and I love them, so I decided to make them for a party of my own.

They are quick, easy, and you can employ your kids on this recipe.

Rolo Poppers - a salty & sweet snack recipe

You’ll need a bag of Rolos, a bag of M&M’s, and a bag of pretzels.  That’s it!

I love it when a recipe comes together with only a handful of ingredients.

Now I bought these giant sized M&M’s.  I don’t how big they look in this photo, but trust me, they are like 3 M&M’s in one.  I pretty sure they are on steroids.

Giant M&M's for the Rolo Poppers RecipeStep 1

Arrange your pretzels on a baking sheet.

I make my kids do this part.

Then unwrap your Rolos and place one Rolo in the center of each pretzels.

Rolo Poppers Recipe - A Salty & Sweet Snack Recipe

Step 2

Heat your oven up to 350 degrees and pop your pan in.

Now, these really just need to be in the oven for a minute or maybe a minute and thirty seconds.  You don’t want to melt the Rolos into mush, but you do want to soften them.  You need the Rolos to smoosh (that’s the technical term) down when you press the M&M into the top.

After your Rolos are softened, take the M&M and press it down into the center of the Rolo.  Let cool.

That’s it!

Rolo Poppers - A Salty & Sweet Snack Recipe

These are crazy good, but I must warn you.  After just one batch, you’re going to have to join Rolo Poppers Anonymous.  These require addictions counseling.

Rolo Poppers Recipe - A sweet & salty snack treat

Rolo Poppers Recipe – A sweet & salty snack treat

Have you ever tried this recipe or a similar salty and sweet recipe?

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  1. tckk says

    I made these last night for our Ladies’ Bible Study. I think they were a hit. There were only 5 left when we got home and now there are only 2. lol Thanks for posting this recipe.

  2. Mom says

    Mmmm. If I buy a bag of pretzels, Rolos and M & M’s and make a tray every night just for me, I will be happy all week!

  3. tckk says

    Those look delicious and they look easy enough that I think even I could make them. Guess what we may be having at Bible Study tomorrow night. :)

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