There is a woman, perhaps a friend of mine (definitely not me), who has been driven to craziness this winter.  I would diagnose her with SAD, a common seasonal mood disorder, but she’s more NUT-SO than SAD.  She actually perks at the suggestion of Monopoly and considers playing Wii in the library to be an ‘event’.  The other evening she played numerous games of Pitfall on her Atari Flashback and actually felt ten again, despite the children falling over themselves in dismay at her lack of ability.  After all, these children are known to be dramatic.  Their art teacher once suggested a film career may be in their future; however, they rather save their antics for a public audience in Wal-Mart, causing perfect strangers to question their mother’s parenting techniques.

One of these children, the boy, has mastered the art of choking on nothing until his face turns into a puffy red tomato and clutching his throat, he drops to floor in obvious suffocation.  Stranger stand stunned, more by the fact that his mother is completely ignoring the scene unfolding before her very eyes than by the child choking and dieing in aisle three of Wal-Mart.

The point is that this woman longs to wake up and see a blade of green grass, but awakes to more snow and school delays day after endless day.

What is she to do?

Out of fear of accidentally torching the house, her husband will not allow her to increase the wattage of her lightbulbs.  She can attest to the fact that all light therapy treatments that include a pen light DO NOT work.  The upside is that the risk of skin cancer being related to pen lights is low.

Today she clings to the promise of Spring.  The snow that coats her world is heavy and wet, a Spring snow.  She knows there is hope in a Spring snow and she momentarily smiles.  By dinner all hope may be lost, so she will gladly accept invitations to visit warm places.

Any suggestions for combating my friend’s low melatonin levels are welcome.   She also wants to know…

Are you sick of winter??

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  1. says

    We actually haven’t had much of a winter here in Maine this year, so it hasn’t been too bad for me this year. Still, any time of year, if there are more than two gray days in a row, I feel myself drooping. Bring on the sun!

  2. Sara says

    Yes! However, pitchers and catchers reported to Spring Training this week, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed that mother nature will soon follow!!

  3. says

    I don’t know what is going on this year, but this is the first time I can remember actually enjoying winter. And I don’t ski or participate in any winter sports (what are they, crazy?). I think perhaps that this is a sign that I have, finally, gone off the deep end! But don’t tell anyone…..

  4. says

    I would LOVE to go play in the snow right now, it’s jealousy on the reverse over here in San Diego! But I know, I know… if I lived in the snow for four months out of the year I might think otherwise… sniff.

  5. jeannie says

    i want winter to be over! the snow has finally melted enough so that i can open the side gate and throw away my garbage!

  6. says

    SO SICK OF WINTER. I actually snowed AGAIN in Little Town, Big State this week. The real crime of it all? The snow knocked off the pollen – our first signs of spring – so we had snow that melted into big pools of yellow pollen. Gross, right?

  7. says

    It was a cold, dreary, misting Wednesday here in SC.
    As a devout summer-lover (read public school teacher :)
    I’m raising my nose to the air like a cat at a fish market, honey, because….
    I can sense it. It’s coming. I’m ready.
    Hang in there, kid. Here comes the sun…sing it with me…

  8. says

    Nope not sick of winter at all. I love it! But I’m also looking forward to spring. I love all the seasons and get excited for each one. I actually have a hard time understanding why people hate winter, though I know you guys get more snow than us.

  9. says

    Our thaw doesn’t come till mid/late April or early May. When my husband convinced me to move to Wisconsin because it was a lot like Ireland (remind me to blog about THAT little bit of deception), what he neglected to mention was 6 months of snow! (A lot like Ireland my foot!)

  10. Larrianne says

    Yes, here in the East Bay of California it is quite lovely. I ride my horse thru the green hills and the meadows full of lush grass. There are wildflowers starting to bloom as are some of the fruit trees. I don’t want winter to leave just yet as I haven’t gotten my fill of downhill skiing yet! More snow in the Sierras, please!

  11. says

    This has been the wettest…coldest…snowiest winter down here that I can remember. Am I ready for spring and warm weather…does a heck yeah say it strong enough?
    BTW, I am a victim of SAD also…although Cat Daddy would classify me in the Nut-So. You could try standing in front of the fridge with the door open…no wait…that’s redneck a/c.

  12. says

    I’m a little tired of winter, but I can’t say so because I live in Florida and our winter is like your spring. Or summer. All I can say is, look at bright, fun pictures of scenery, think happy thoughts, and then go online and book a cruise in the caribbean.

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