Satan Cupcakes & A Kitchen Fail

Yesterday several people searched the web for “Satan Cupcakes” and landed on my blog.

I had to let that sink in for a second.  I mean, I know my cooking isn’t the greatest.  I’ve screwed up Pillsbury slice & bake cookies, but Satan cupcakes, really?

The kids love my cupcakes, but I know that’s not saying much.  Give a kid enough sugar and he’ll like anything.

birthday party cupcakes child's party

Then I had to ponder the idea that someone knew just what their friend wanted for their birthday – a Satan Cupcake.

It’s not quite my idea of celebrating, but I can kind of understand how they landed on my blog.  After all, I’ve had my share of kitchen fires, and just yesterday, I did this.

burned sponge

Microwave your sponge on high for five minutes.

Then walk out of the room.

The germs definitely die.

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  1. says

    How in the world do you find out what google searches lead people to your blog? And I don’t remember reading about Satan cupcakes anywhere, but also never heard of microwaving a sponge. I have however, cooked a pizza with the cardboard left on the bottom. Didn’t realize it until I tried to cut it. Gives new meaning to the idea of “tasting like cardboard”.

  2. Mom says

    Soak the sponge in water with a drop of bleach. Much safer then setting the house on fire with it in the microwave for 5 minutes.

  3. jennifer says

    Last week, I discovered why you poke a potato with a fork before baking them. Evidently, I had missed one, and that just so happened to be the one I decided to test to see if they were done…BAM! It exploded all over my oven, my floor, and me.

  4. says

    I enjoyed this most delightful post. A search term that lead someone to my blog was “rotten sour cookie”. That brings to mind two questions: What on my blog triggered that search term and why is someone looking for a sour rotten cookie? Despite that bit of levity, the all time winner is “how do you get a fork out of your garbage disposal”. I do have exprience with this….lots of experience. But I don’t have a recipe for it……not one that’s posted anyway.

  5. says

    for the record, I can paint, sew, create like Martha Stewart – well better than her! But when it comes to baking – I am a big fat fail. Should we start a support group for women who can not even microwave a sponge? Good laugh!

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