Saturday Night Stars #11 – The Wild Side

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Sunday I remembered back to the time when my kids were just babies and I wasn’t quite myself.

Truth be told, I may not have been fun or likable, but I was something good.

I was a new mom.

Maybe you can relate.

Happy Mother's Day to all the moms who don't quite feel like themselves

Tuesday was all about A Mother’s Day Gift from My Grandma.

My daughter gifted me one of my grandma’s old costume jewelry bracelets.

She signed a card from herself and “great-grandma”.

I had quite the surprise, because my grandma has been in heaven for quite a few years.

It’s funny how kid’s minds work, especially my daughters.

kids playing with water guns on a spring day

Wednesday I took A Walk on The Wild Side and showed of my printed pants.

The big question is Printed Pants?

Yes or No

I also fell off a curb.  My body ended up in the middle of the road, but I rather not revisit that event.

Wedge Sandals Target

Then we talked food.  Everyone likes to talk food.

I shared my lack of meal planning skills and shared a few new recipes.

Then you guys took me by surprised in the comments.

Thank you so much for sharing your favorite, tried and true recipes.

I can’t wait to try them!

meal planning


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  1. says

    Love those sandles! oh to wear sandles. I think I got my sandles out for one day this month and then it was back to big clunky shoes till this rain goes away. It just won´t stop out here. Don´t know what God is trying to teach us. ;)

    You fell??? are you bruised badly?? Have you gone to a Chiropractor or a Massuse they do wonders!

    Your daughter is very clever and witty. ;)


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