Saturday Night Stars – It’s Your Time To Shine

Saturday’s come quickly.   Maybe it’s the nice weather, or maybe it’s the business of life, but the weeks seem short.

I’d like for you to be honest with me.

Should I continue to host Saturday Night Stars?

I thought it was a good idea, but we generally only have about eleven or twelve entries.  Is that enough?  Are those of you who are playing along seeing traffic from this linkup??


Saturday Night Stars

Here’s the deal. This link party is a time to celebrate you, your blog, and your words. I’m not even asking you to link back to my blog.

My desire is to create a resource for all of us, a place to find the best posts in blogland.

You just show up to the party and link your favorite post from this last week. Then take a moment to read through a few other star posts.

Here’s What You Missed on The Domestic Fringe


This week began with a trip to a new coffee shop in town.  FringeBoy wanted to take me there for quite some time, so we woke up early on Saturday and set out to drink some good coffee, because life is too short to drink bad coffee.

Main Street Caffe - American Coffee Shop

Then I got all serious and talked about living with hands open wide, ready to give and receive.  I realized my grip on the things and people I love is too tight.

In the comments, someone referred to this post as poetry.  I got a kick out of that, because I am many things, but poet is not one of them.  So, dear reader, thank you for that lovely compliment.  I will treasure it, because I am certain, I’ll never put my poet hat on again.

Love fiercely but loosely. Don't hang on too tight.

Wednesdays are a humbling experience here on the Fringe.  I participate in What I Wore Wednesday.  That’s where I get my family to snap a photo of my daily outfit.  These photos highlight my dorkiness, but they also keep me accountable.  After all, I can’t show you five photos of me in yoga pants.  Not all in the same week anyway!

Many of you liked my chevron striped maxi skirt and I am happy to report it came from Walmart.  Every once in a while they have something cute.


Chevron Maxi Skirt from Walmart

And I finished out the week with a compilation of my favorite “mommy” posts.  I began with 3 lessons my own mother taught me.  I’ll never forget them!

Lessons from Mama - Things my Mother taught me.

Now It’s Your Time to Shine



blog linky rules for Saturday Night Stars

  • Link your Star Post from the current week
  • Link to a specific post and not to your general blog URL (if you don’t understand, contact me)
  • Visit at least two other Star Bloggers, read their post, and leave them a comment

That’s it my friends!

Saturday Night Stars is intended to be a social activity, so please socialize.


  1. says

    Yes, I think it is a really nice idea! Love your recap of your writing too! You are clever and witty!
    love that outfit too and meant to tell you on the post but it´s so hard to write comments on my phone.
    Please keep Saturday night Stars!


  2. says

    So technically this is last week’s post (I’m not nearly the blogger that you are!) and I hope that’s okay. I meant to post it last week, but the day got ahead of me –unfortunately so much does — like real life!
    Anyway, I’ve come late to Saturday night stars, and I like it. I’ve found a couple of other friends/bloggers from it. But maybe it’s a winter thing??? So much happening on spring/summer Saturdays…

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