Save Money, Swap It

About six years ago, I was contacted by the producers of the Wife Swap television show.  They wanted FringeMan and I to swap spouses for a week (or two, I can’t remember) and they would pay us a very sizable sum of money for being part of the television show.

It was one swap we weren’t interested in.

However, you can swap food and save money, no producers or television cameras necessary.

Swap It and Save Money - 31 Days of Cheap Tricks, Living for Less

The craziest food swap I ever made was trading venison for marinated steak.

I am certain I got the better end of the deal.

Some people are great gardeners while others are mighty hunters.  Maybe you’re a gatherer.  You know just the places to go to fill pails of berries or buckets of apples.  Maybe you’re even fortunate enough to have a fruit tree somewhere on your property.  If you’re a gardener, hunter, gatherer, or crazy coupon shopper, you probably have excess.

Why not take your abundance and swap it.

If you have fifty zucchinis and will only eat twenty, find someone who has a different kind of abundance and trade.  You’ll both make out in the deal.

Back when my son was a baby, I had a constant abundance of Tom’s of Maine Licorice toothpaste.  What, do you think that’s weird?  I don’t remember all the details, but a neighbor worked for the company and shared his abundance.  I hated the toothpaste.  Waking up and brushing my teeth with old black jelly beans was bad.  Try drinking coffee after that.

However, I had a friend who loved this toothpaste.  We’d swap toothpaste, or sometimes deodorant for toothpaste.

If you’re close to a neighbor or have a friend who lives nearby and you’re a busy mom or dad, swap meals.  It hardly takes any effort to double a recipe when you’re already cooking.  You could swap meals, meaning you only cook half the time.

This money saving tip isn’t limited to food.  Swap coupons.  Swap kid’s clothes.  Carpool.  Swap babysitting.  Swap toys…you probably get the idea.

I’m pretty sure there’s someone who wants what you have.

Why not start swapping?  (Spouses excluded.)



Do you swap to save? 

If so, what’s the craziest thing you’ve ever swapped?

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  1. says

    Oh, I couldn’t have traded spouses either! Who knows what you could stuck with! The horror.

    It’s true. My friends and I swap veggies in the summer when gardens are on overdrive, but I’ve never thought about it at other times of the year. Great idea!

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