Save Your Mornings and Your Sanity

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Save Your Mornings and Your Sanity with Jimmy Dean Sausage & Pancakes on a Stick - Breakfast on the GO!

I am not a morning person.  Before I had children, people understood that about me.  My coworkers would steer clear until I had a cup of coffee and worked in silence for at least one hour.  Then I would slowly wake up and return to my generally pleasant self.

When you have a couple of kids, mornings get a lot more bizarre.  Kids spill milk and argue and the dog really does eat homework, all before a pot of coffee drips.

Getting everyone out of the house on time with full bellies and brushed teeth is an early morning miracle, both wonderful and rare.

Then, once you finally get out of the house, there’s those chipper morning people to contend with.  Most days it’s enough to make you want to crawl back in bed and snooze the alarm clock for three more hours.

Can I get an Amen?

Save your mornings and your sanity with Jimmy Dean

Throw in a little mommy guilt over healthy, home-cooked, hot breakfasts and it’s possible to lose your sanity before the sun rises.  Thankfully Jimmy Dean is here with their Pancakes and Sausage on a stick to help us save our mornings and our sanity.

In under one minute, you can feel all warm and fuzzy about serving your kids a hot breakfast on the go.

Your children will be more than happy to walk out the door with sausage and pancakes on a stick.  In fact, have extras ready, because the neighbor kids won’t be far off.  Children run in packs and they smell food three houses away.


 Save Your Mornings and Your Sanity 5

Tips For Moms Who Aren’t Morning People

Save your mornings and your sanity with your favorite fuzzy robe and Jimmy Dean Sausage & Pancakes on a stick


  • Lower your expectations.

Quit trying to change the world before 8 a.m.  Some things are better saved for moments of greater alertness and a higher density of blood-caffeine content.  Begin your day by tackling the tasks that don’t require verbal communication, kindness, or brushed hair.

My husband thinks I should come with a warning label:  Eats people for breakfast.  Proceed with caution.

  • Routine – Routine – Routine. 

Do the same thing every morning.

Plod down the stairs, flip on the coffee pot, glare at anyone who enters your personal space.


Teach your kids to flip on the coffee pot for you.

Giving your children a morning routine will help them know what is expected of them first thing in the morning and they’ll be more inclined to leave you alone and let you wake-up in peace.

Breakfast on The GO with Jimmy Dean Sausage and Pancakes on a stick

  • Prepare the night before.

Preparation is not part of my DNA and this goes against every fly by the seat of my pants gene in my body, but the more you prepare for mornings, the more likely you are to succeed at leaving the house without eating your young and permanently alienating your spouse.

Make sure everyone has clean underwear and socks the night before.

Make sure all homework and permission slips are signed the night before. Now is the time to interrogate your kids.  There’s nothing worse than finding out you need to make three dozen cupcakes at six-thirty in the morning.

Kids only remember things at the last minute, if they remember at all.  Don’t underestimate their ability to surprise you.

Jimmy Dean Saving Your Mornings and Your Sanity

  •  Make breakfast quick, easy, fun, and nutritious.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but it’s not convenient.  The truth is, you don’t have to be a gourmet chef before the sun rises.  Microwaved counts as home-cooked.

Walmart and Jimmy Dean are here to help us with breakfast.  Their Sausage and Pancakes on a stick go from freshly frozen to hot in under a minute.  At only 230 calories, you can grab one for yourself.

Please Note:  Jimmy Dean Sausage and Pancakes on a stick is moving from the frozen food aisle to the breakfast aisle in all Walmart stores this February.

  • Get enough sleep.

Some nights this is easier said than done, but don’t discount a good night’s sleep.  Adequate sleep for children and adults alike can make so many things better.

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Flower breakNow please share – how do you make mornings easier in your house?

And, are you a dreaded morning person?

Have you tried any of the Jimmy Dean breakfast foods?  What’s your favorite??

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  1. Cat says

    I am not much of a blog reader, but you make me want to continue reading your blogs. Your humor is terrific! I love reading your blogs from day to day and I sit here alone, laughing out loud! Thanks for sharing your funny quips. I have turned many people onto your blog. I will be starting one myself soon, and you have given me the inspiration for keeping it light.

  2. says

    My husband sets the coffee the night before and I totally got my six year old to run out and push the button just this morning- brilliant. Thanks for all the tips for mornings- they aren’t my best moment either:)

  3. Mom says

    Mornings! You remind me of a bat. They only come out when the sun sets. I still get up before dawn and live it. Are you really my child? Sausage and pancake on a stick looks good and I think I am going to try this. Quick and easy and I can eat it when I get to work.

  4. says

    I once had a daughter like you. Every time I tried to get her up in the morning she spouted Proverbs 27:14 at me: “He who blesses his friend with a loud voice early in the morning, It will be reckoned a curse to him.”

    Now, well, now she is a mom with three kidlets of her own, and it’s payback time.

    • says

      Well, since Walmart is all about one-stop-shopping, I simply borrowed a robe. I searched the entire store for a sleep mask too, but they didn’t have one.

      Wally World, I’m a little disappointed. Where have all your sleep masks gone?

  5. says

    Mornings are a pain at our house, too! I think along with having something easy and filling to put together for breakfast, having clothes and bookbags laid out and packed the night before is a must. Oh, and knowing where my keys are. That’s a biggie. ;)

    • says

      As odd as it seems, my librarian totally solved my key problem for me. I got a clip for them and now, I clip them to the strap of my purse every time I walk in or out of the house. It totally works. I haven’t lost my keys in a while. Well done librarian.

  6. says

    Oh, sweetness, I so relate!! Children would be at mortal danger if I had to face them first thing in the morning!! DH has learned to leave me alone until I’m human. I don’t use a lot of products like this, but I love Jimmy Dean sausages. Might give these a try.

  7. Aunt Pat says

    Oh how I remember you and mornings … some things just don’t change. I actually like the JD muffin, egg and sausage breakfast.

  8. says

    I’m just gonna go ahead and say it: I hate mornings! I so wish I was a morning person, but I just can’t bring myself to that point. Thanks for the helpful tips for us groggy, crabby morning people. My kids appreciate anything that will make our mornings smoother!

  9. says

    Great post, Tricia! You crack me up…are you wearing your leopard robe in Wal-Mart? I am NOT a morning person either! However, I cannot drink coffee or have caffeine (except for the small amount in chocolate). :( We also have all homework and paperwork done and packed up in the kids backpacks before bed. I also pack their lunches after supper and keep them in the fridge so they can grab and go. We always start the school year by picking out outfits the night before, too. But it doesn’t last long! My kids eat cold cereal or yogurt for breakfast. Those sausage & pancakes on a stick look good, though. However, *I* wouldn’t be able to eat them because of all the food, including gluten, that I need to avoid. :/

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