Self-Discovery in the Kitchen

I am pleased to report that Fiona is very happy in her corner of my new and improved kitchen.  If you haven’t met Fiona, please click here.

That’s all I’m going to say about that.

Do you know what I hate?

I hate when I only have one egg left in the carton.  Putting it back in the fridge drives me berserk, so today I just threw an extra egg in my batch of cookies.  I’ll let you know how it turns out.

Have you noticed that 99% of the posts in my ‘Food’ category aren’t actually recipes with step-by-step instruction?

All these posts are just me whining and complaining about cooking.  This self-discovery stinks is quite enlightening.

I also go crazy when I watch a cooking show or read a blog and someone is singing the joys and benefits of doing some homemaker overachiever thing that draws me right into their Martha Stewart world.   For instance, making pasta from scratch.


There are 52 enriched, fiber filled varieties in the grocery store, but wouldn’t you know that I suddenly begin dreaming of wearing a bohemian style apron and spinning my own strands of golden dough.

It’s a moment of insanity.  Thankfully I usually come back to earth and realize that if I made everything from scratch, I wouldn’t have any time to blog live life.

Today’s advice:

Some things were just meant to be purchased dried and in a box.  That’s all I’m saying.

Oh ya, and use the extra egg.  I just took a big fat cookie out of the oven and ate it.  They are puffy bites of goodness.  Recipe found on the back of a bag of Andes mint candy chips, but I substituted half whole wheat flour and the extra egg.  I think that makes them healthy.

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  1. Martha only sleeps four hours a night.
    If we could survive on four hours a night, we’d all have our own multi-media industry, too! ….Duh.

  2. I want one. A Fiona that is . . . and well a cookie too. I keep entering PW’s contests but haven’t won one of anything. Sorta like “buying” a lottery ticket, ‘cept its free. You know you’ll never win but you can’t help yourself.

  3. thanks for visiting my blog! mmm, what i wouldnt do for one of your extra-egg cookies!

  4. robinaltman says:

    Fiona looks cool! Now I have my own fantasy – if I had Fiona I’d be making cookies instead of buying Graham Crackers in bulk. (My kids dip them in strawberry flavored milk. It’s so goofy.)

    Those cookies are chock full of protein! It negates the calories! Yay!

  5. For sure, the whole wheat flour and egg make them SUPER healthy, not just healthy! Great idea, I love big, fluffy, chewy cookies!

  6. OK. Here is my secret. What is the definition of that word? Something like “inhales, sharply”, right? So, just say that instead. Similar to “kick booty” and out and out “dirty word”. Uh huh. I actualy say “dirty word” when I want to say something else. It works for me.

    As for all this cooking. I got an email the other day from someone wanting me to promote their kitchen products on my blog. I’m wondering what made them think for one minute that I am a kitchen person. The only kitchen story I recall sharing was the Cheese Crisp Fiasco, and we know that wasn’t a good kitchen story, in the sense of promoting a product. Weird. ~Mindy

  7. LOL I love this post. Hooray for the extra egg working well too, that’s awesome. I dont’ know what I’d do with an extra egg, I plan my cooking around it. :)

    Have an Extraordinary Day!

  8. The only other word that comes to my mind is crap…which really isn’t much better, huh?
    As far as making my own noodles/bread/butter/laundry detergent…why on earth would I want to put somebody out of work? I’m just saying….gotta keep the wheels of industry greased and turning.

  9. “You don’t get a chance to hate me in person.” hahahahahaha! And the word thing…yeah,…I’m that mom who has been saying “s*it” a lot lately and it’s getting louder and louder instead of hushed behind closed doors where my children can’t hear. So, when your children come home saying THAT word then you’ll know it was probably my children that they heard it from. So sorry.

    Also, too, …I totally roll my eyes when my friends start talking about how they went to Bread Brekker’s to get the whatever they need to grind their own meal to bake their own bread from stinkin’ scratch! Whatev. Gimme the cheapest loaf from Wal-Mart. So annoying.

  10. I love to bake but do it rarely anymore as the hubby and I rarely eat sugar anymore. It’s a healthy over 50 thing…yadayadayada!! Anyway when I did bake, I loved it and I wore the apron and everything, hey you have gotta get your Martha on:) Thank you for your delightful post. You made me :)


  11. I missed your original blog on Fiona. I am so glad she is a part of your life now.

  12. Yummy. I only bake at Christmas, because If I baked more often I would weigh 1,000 pounds. No willpower. And hey, we can’t all be Martha.


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