Self-Image Smasher

I’m often told by complete strangers that I remind them of someone – a niece, sister, cousin, neighbor, highschool classmate, etc.  I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I have a common looking face.  Depending on your view, I’ve either been blessed or cursed with ordinary features.  I look like thousands of women who’ve preceded my birth and I’m sure many more similar looking girl babies will be born to generic looking parents.

I’m ok with the fact that I don’t ‘wow’ a crowd with my beauty or leave a lasting Victoria Secret’s model type impression; however, today my contentment with looking like the girl next door came to an immediate and tearful end.

Someone told me that I look like a character from ‘The Office’.  I realize that I’m probably one of about only three American’s who haven’t watched ‘The Office’, so I did what any reasonably curious woman would do.  I came home and Googled the cast’s photos.

Now when this man told me who I looked like, his wife said, “No, her (the character’s) hair is much shorter.”

My hopes of looking like a beautiful actress plummeted as I clicked through the pictures and character descriptions.   I am left wondering how I’ve morphed from a youthful and not completely repulsive young wife and mother into a middle-aged “Phyllis”.

Look for yourself.

Why can’t I get away from the Phyllis’s lately?  First my tree and now me!

If I haven’t posted by noon on Tuesday, I’ve drowned in my own tears.

A sniffling,


  1. Oh, honey … you don’t look like her at all!

  2. It´s your party and you can cry if you want to! But don´t waste those tears girl. YOu don´t look any thing like her!

    You are bright and vibrant! Gorgeous hair!
    Beautiful inside and out! not to mention a hilarious and ingenious writer!!

    Go get ´em!
    Dani Joy

  3. Those people are smoking crack.

    Remember, (in all situations) it’s more about them than it is about you!

  4. Oh pul-leeze!! You are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay above “Phyllis”!!! I think it’s hysterical that her name is Phyllis, but that’s about it! Cute haircut too!!!!

    Don’t forget, you were also told that you resemble Mary Calvi (?is that her name?), the Channel 2 News Anchor, when she was on the local station. Now, she’s all over the NEWS! Literally!!!

  5. I think what’s worse is that you don’t watch the Office! Shame!!!

    But you look NOTHING like Phyllis. Obviously this person was blind. Or is the type of person to think that all people who wear glasses look exactly alike, regardless of what’s behind and below the glasses.

  6. Tell “someone” to step away from the crack pipe.

  7. I don’t watch The Office. Were they blind? Crazy? Drunk?

    You’re a cutie!

  8. “Her hair is shorter”? Seriously, that’s the only difference his wife could see? How about she’s way older and not attractive…at all! He must have been watching without his glasses. I think I’d prefer to be compared to the other Phyllis…you know…the tree! At least she’s got some sparkle going on! And it could have been worse…think Diller, remember!

    • thedomesticfringe says:

      The thing is that I’d rather be compared to Phyllis Diller…sad, but true.

      You’re all way too nice. My son actually stopped and said, “Well, maybe in the face a little…”. Then my husband kicked him and said “No, shhhhh…”

      The funny this is that on the way home I was bragging to my husband that someone told me I looked like an actress. My head swelled until I saw the picture and then I laughed, hysterically. Serves me and my big head right!

  9. Oh, you do not!

    We watch that show every week and I have never seen the resemblance.

  10. ha…ha…ha…

    That’s just funny!

    You’re beautiful…and you know you are. (But not in a snotty sort of way, of course!)

  11. WHAT?!? seriously… that has got to be the single most ridiculous thing i have ever heard in my life. really. EVER. if it makes you feel any better, i found a dog yesterday that looks exactly like me :) i made the mistake to show jamie. now it’s on his FB page. check it out :) it’s actually really hilarious :) i can’t look at the picture without fighting the urge to grab my hair gel and diffuser to fix her hair…. hahaha :)

  12. Never watched The Office either. And I always have people telling me I remind them of someone. You don’t look anything like that woman! Next time someone says something like that, tell them they remind you of someone like the guy that plays Shrek. (I realize that’s a cartoon. I drew a blank!) Anyway, you get the idea.

  13. LOL- you’re beautiful! No worries!

    And I, too, don’t watch The Office, so you’re not totally alone ;-)

  14. Nope, you’re not the only that doesn’t watch the show. I heard so many people talking about it on the blogs, and FB and such. I tried to watch it and hated it. And no, you don’t look like Phyllis at all! And by the way, I happen to like your tree!!

  15. You have got to be kidding me. I am an avid Office lover and NEVER ONCE EVER EVER EVER would I think for one second you resemble Phyllis!

    Whoever said that is an idiot…if ya wanna email me their name and number I’d be glad to tell them for ya ;)

    You are cute as all get out…and don’t you forget it!! :)

  16. That was just a mean thing to say! I don’t watch that show either. You are just too cute!!

  17. LOL! My hubs and I watch that show regularly, and never once have I thought of you when watching Phyllis. Just take comfort in the fact that that couple had no clue what they were talking about. Pfft! ;)

    Adorable pic!

  18. :| :|

    you are way hott, mama!!!

  19. Seriously? You look NOTHING like Phyllis!
    On the bright side, she’s one of the less neurotic characters on the show, so maybe it’s a personality similarity. :-)

  20. (giggles)

    You look way younger and better than Phyllis. Don’t worry.

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