Shampoo Shambles

When do children learn proper hygiene? 

I’ve been bathing them since the day returned from the hospital and we still haven’t mastered the bath/shower routine.  FringeBoy showers each morning without being told, but he rarely uses soap and never washes his hair.  He thinks I should be pleased that he allowed hot water to rinse and warm him.

FringeGirl uses soap.  She paints the tile walls with it, draws pictures on the plastic shower liner, and always washes the tub.  By the smell of things, the soap doesn’t always make it to the stinkiest parts.  She does use shampoo and conditioner, not necessarily in that order; however, she doesn’t rinse the soap out of her hair. 

Have you ever attempted to blow-dry a clump of conditioner?  It can’t be done.  She inevitably returns to the shower for a second rinse and spin cycle.

You would think her problem could easily be solved by my rinsing her hair.  Can’t be done!  I cannot enter the bathroom after the hot water has been running for more than 3 seconds.


FRIZZ – this is exactly what happens to my hair with the slightest bit of humidity.  Now imagine me entering a steamy bathroom to rinse FringeKid’s hair.  Do you know how long I spend making my hair straight? 

Of course you don’t.  It’s a tedious job that requires pliable cement and an abundance of patience.  I hate it!

Fortunately after I straighten my hair, It will last for 2-3 days.  Not gross when your hair is as dry as the straw they feed cows.  (Do they feed cows straw?)

Trust me, nobody knows when I’m wearing yesterday’s hair.

I just want my kids to use soap on their bodies, shampoo in their hair, and rinse.  Is that asking too much?

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  1. I have your hair! As a matter of fact as much as I long for spring and summer right now I am dreading all the bad hair days they bring with the humidity. The only good thing about winter at this point is that once I have manhandled the hair into straightness it STAYS! My daughter used to never brush her hair until there was a knot the size of a birdsnest in it. Now she wears hers long and curly. At my age that look gives the effect of homelessness. Sonny boy has dreads , nuff said. I guess that would only lead to being picked up by social workers if I tried sporting his look. I see nothing wrong with letting that nice straight hair alone for a day or two after all the work it takes. Pam

  2. I’ve got one that, after he “eliminates” never, ever, ever leaves a “show” of toilet paper in the potty.

    Now *that one* I make bathe every single day.

    I found that with my 9-year-old using his father’s shampoo seems to work with the hair even though there is not a great deal of lathering going on.

    It’s a situation…

  3. I’m glad it’s not only my kids. And we don’t have a shower, so essentially my kids just sit in their filth and then it clings to them as they rise to exit left!

  4. Hey, at least they smell better when they get in the tub…just douse their head one last time for good measure and then it’s out…Truly treasure these times because when they hit about 11, you will not be able to get NEAR your bathroom again- let alone see them NEKKED inthe tub- good grief, mother!

    And thanks for the comment. But Hahaha…Andrew is my friend’s son…we hire him to do the carpentry cause he’s so darn talented…My boyfriend does plumbing though- and he’s a heckuva lawn guy- and a good kisser too… but carpentry work…not so much.

    Thanks though! We think it will be great.


  5. robinaltman says:

    I remember being a kid and only bathing once a week. I must have been a stinky child.

    My kids got a lot better when they started noticing girls. However, if it’s just the family, and they know there are no girls around, it’s back to smelly jelly bellies.

  6. When you find out the answer to that question, let me know. My 11-year-old still has to be told to use shampoo and put on deoderant.

  7. And again, I am reminded of the blessing of not having children. Stinky or not! haha Good luck with that, FringeGirl. Sooo, is your Mom suggesting you were a stinky FringeGirl? ~Mindy

  8. Ha ha ha! What a surprise that this is still happening with your kids too!

  9. portugalbound says:

    okay…dirty kids straight from the bath…happens here too.

    then I pick up all the dirty clothes littered in all areas of the bath room (after 5 kids …imagine the mess) and every panty I pick up has skid marks…every last one!

    (leave it to me to gross out everyone)

    I wish all I was dealing with was they’re inability to shampoo properly.

  10. Hey, they all smell the same. Ask any teacher.

    The Texas Woman

  11. OH MY WORD!!!!!! Yes I can see how that would be TOTALLY annoying!

    I hate it when I go in there to help them rinse and step in a puddle of water – in my nice clean socks!!!!! AUGH!!!

  12. I wish I could only wash my hair every few days. My hair is like an oil slick. It’s terrible if I don’t. And I know stylists say that it’s like that because I wash it everyday, but they don’t understand. If I go one day, it looks disgusting.

  13. Hopefully they’ll grow out of it at some point! :)

  14. Oh, man! Now you are preachin’ to the choir! Lather, rinse, repeat. You would think that would be easy. But I can’t tell you how many times I’ve smelled “sour head” straight from the shower. I think they just dab some shampoo on the top and then rinse it off. Lathering is apparently a concept not understood by male children or even teenagers.

    And Lord knows I’ve tried. I’ve washed his hair myself in the sink to demonstrate. “See this foam? That is what lathering looks like, son. You’ve got to get your fingers between the hairs and down to the scalp. Scrub it… like this! See? Foam. And then rinse it thoroughly. When you’re done, it should squeek. Like this. Hear that?”

    So when does it end? I honestly don’t know. My son is almost 18 and I’m still waiting. I’ll try to let you know. Perhaps he will take notice when his girlfriend says, “DUDE! Your head stinks!” Because I’m pretty sure a parent can never get through to them. We know nothing, you see. And don’t even get me started about teeth brushing!

  15. I’m waiting for the self-awareness to kick in (might still be awhile yet), when they realize they might stink or look funny if they don’t do it thoroughly.

  16. Action is still in the tub-water-is-for-boats mode. His hair still smells like cub scout campout from this weekend.

    If there’s one good thing about preteenhood, it’s that the peeps discover they stink. Skibbie is ALL about being clean. Thank goodness. And she flat-irons her own hair every morning. We have a little humidity here. Just a little.

  17. LOL!!!!
    Ours are at the age where they shower DAILY, and are ALWAYS needing to go to Target for new toiletries.
    But they smell good, so I am not really complaining.


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