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Shop Out Of Season and Save Money - part of the Cheap Tricks series on The Domestic Fringe

Shop out of season for clothes, not fruits or vegetables.

Shopping out of season is a fabulous way to save money.

Last Christmas my daughter was given a Kohl’s gift card.  She bought shorts for about $4 dollars a piece.  It was the best decision, because she ended up going to Myrtle Beach over spring break with a friend.  Not only did she have appropriate clothes to wear, but she got them at a mega discount.

I buy sweaters in February, March, and April.  When I scan clearance racks, I embrace out of season clothes.  They are usually the most heavily discounted.

You won’t have as great of a selection shopping out of season and you may be a little behind in the latest trends, but your wallet will thank you.  If you need/want to save money, try shopping out of season.

I can guarantee you can get some great deals on sandals right about now.

Another wonderful time to shop is right after Christmas.  The sales are usually amazing, because stores are eager to sell off all their extra stock that didn’t sell over the holidays.

Bath & Body Works blows out lotions, body sprays, and shower gels in an after Christmas sale.  It’s the time to stock up!

Victoria’s Secret has amazing sales in January and June.  January’s sales are better and they have more merchandise.

If your kids are on a predictable growth cycle, buy clothes for the next year and store them in a plastic tote.  I’ve also bought clearance shoes for my children in bigger sizes and put them away.  Their feet will grow eventually and when they do, they’ll have great shoes that won’t burden my budget.

Check for online clearance merchandise.  Perhaps your favorite store doesn’t have many out of season deals available, but that same store may have a large selection of merchandise online.  If you can combine clearance prices with a store coupon, you can enjoy a spectacular savings.

Visit more expensive stores and shop their clearance racks.  Sometimes you can find the best deals!

We are drawn to fashion and styles that are in season, but if you retrain your brain to shop out of season, your wallet will thank you.


Do you shop out of season?

What’s your favorite thing to buy in the “off” season?


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  1. Heather says

    I’ve done this since my son was born! Excellent advice. My little guy has so many amazing Gap outfits and I got them all at a steal! Off season is definitely the way to go, especially for growing children. :)

  2. says

    I just bought some clearance clothing from Land’s End while they had a 30% Friends and Family Discount and free shipping. I wore a great, versatile black dress and received a compliment on it. I answered, “Thank you. My lip gloss cost more than this dress.” (that was true, I splurged on the lipgloss, but the dress was only $11)

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