Shopping with A Camera

It’s What I Wore Wednesday time again, and I realized something this picture-taking go around.  I should shop with a camera. There are outfits I wear that I think look cute, but after I see myself in a photo, I don’t like them so much.

Has that ever happened to you?

This picture is from Mother’s Day.  You already saw it, I know.  I only have so many pictures from this week though, so you’re stuck with a repeat.  Sorry.

My outfit:  Top is GAP clearance (with an extra 40% off!), Jeans are from a liquidation sale at a local shop ($9.99), Shoes are Miz Mooz, Necklace is Charming Charlies.  My daughter’s dress is Kohl’s from last spring and my son is wearing Kmart.

I’m kind of digging the rolled jeans.

Have you tried that look yet?

I’ll be honest, it takes a little bravery to walk out of the house looking like Huck Finn, but I think it works.

The bonus is that it showcases your shoes, so if you try it, wear cute shoes.

Here’s an outfit I thought looked better than it does.  Jacket is a hand-me-down, shirt is GAP clearance, Necklace is Charming Charlies.

My daughter is all dressed up for an art show at school.  Dress is from a local sporting good store (believe it or not) and the shoes are Kmart.

I’m not a big fan of this outfit in photos, but in real life, it’s so comfy.  I actually love wearing it.  Skirt is H&M last spring and I can’t remember where I bought the shirt.  Boots are Target.

FringeKid’s outfit is Children’s Place last spring.

The item I would love to add to my wardrobe this summer is a pair of brightly colored jeans.  Have you bought into that trend yet?  I think it’s super-cute.

Yup.  Easter egg legs.  It’s just what I need!

How about you?  What item would you like to add to your spring/summer wardrobe?

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Photo Source: via Lorna on Pinterest


  1. Love the stripes and your specs!

  2. Love the stripes. Your daughter is a doll!

  3. Megan, The Frugalista Diaries says:

    you guys look great!

  4. I think these are great looks! I love that jacket.

  5. GIRL !!!!!!
    I’m lovin’ the turquoise jacket & pink print shirt! YOU LOOK SO SKINNY!!!! Go ahead & style those jackets more often, honey!

  6. You and your kids are so cute!! You know I love my turquoise jeans, but beware… once you buy one pair, you just want to keep collecting them. lol Right now I’m trying to convince the Hubs that I need another shopping trip at NY&Co so that I can get a coral pair and maybe a lavender pair and maybe a cobalt blue pair,too. lol

  7. Love colorful jeans!! Big fan here!

    Love your striped top!

    Thanks for stopping by the blog!!!

  8. All of you look super cute! I love the stripey Gap top!

  9. creamyclothes says:

    Cute looks, what an adorable family you have.

  10. Wow there’s a huge difference in the growth of your daughter in one year!! Very pretty!

  11. Might try to bright colored jeans, but rolled, uh-uh, makes me look shorter, and I’m already shorter. ;0)

  12. What I would like to add to my spring wardrobe is a skinnier body!

  13. I want some of the fun “candy colored” jeans! I think they are cute!

  14. Cute!

  15. You and the kids look lovely in the mothers day picture :)

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