silence doesn’t mean I have nothing to say

an awesome auto-focus camera trick a friend taught me this weekend

I think my brain is too rattled for the task of stringing sensible words together in order to form an intelligent conversation, even if it is an unintentionally, but often one-sided blog post.  Just because I have been silent on the domestic fringe does not mean I have nothing to say.  It simply means I am stumbling through life on too few hours of sleep.

Despite a lack of sleep, I did enjoy a wonderful extended weekend with friends.  I am always thankful for the ways social networking allows us to ‘stay in-touch’; however, frequent travel and relocation often result in geographical divides.  It’s always a blessing to reconnect in the here and now of face to face conversation.

Happily more ‘here and now’ will be happening when other friends arrive this weekend for a visit.

Life void of relationship tends to be empty, so take a moment this week to be a friend and maybe gain a friend.

That’s my yearly public service announcement brought to you by The American Council of Friendships International me.

Now you get to do some talking!

Leave a little comment and share the blessing of friendship.

* how someone has been a friend to you

* how you’ve blessed another with friendship

* an unusual friendship

* an online friendship

* how an encouraging word transformed your day

This list is meant to jog your memory, not to be all encompassing.  Share anything you’d like along the lines of friends or friendship.  I know your words will encourage others and I’m going to thank you in advance for taking a moment to comment.

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  1. Allyson says:

    Having been a part of online Mom’s Circles for over 10 years now I have plenty of online friends who are so near and dear to my heart. What I’d like to share though is about my friend Jayne. We moved to this very small town in 2004. I didn’t know anyone but we had to move here for my husband’s job. For quite a while it felt like “home” was still our old town (an hour away) where our old friends were and this new place was just where we went through the day to day motions. In 2007 I met Jayne through our sons (same age) and nothing has been the same. We truly feel like God brought us together as friends because we needed each other. She has made me embrace this town and made it feel like home for my whole family. Our kids (my 3, her 5) are friends, we are the best of friends, I can’t imagine my life without her and all the joy she brings!

  2. robinaltman says:

    I love my friends, and feel incredibly blessed. I also love my new bloggy friends! My flesh and blood friends have helped my family and I get through life! Most of my friends are stay-at-home moms, and they are so sweet and generous in helping me out with my ding bats if I need it. They have always said, “Just call me if you’re in a bind”, and at first I felt too weird and shy, but over the years I’ve taken them up on it. If I’m at work, and my kid is barfing – no problem. They’re the very bestest. I hope I’ve given back the love and support in my own way. (Like giving them a barfy kid for their nice clean car.)

  3. Awesome post, FG.

    My real-life best friend always goes above and beyond. In thought, actions, offers and follow-through. She’s perfect.

    Wishing you many great nights’ sleep! *hugs*

  4. Well my sweet you have been very encouraging to me and I truly appreciate that I am getting to know you:)

  5. Simple though it is, I felt incredibly blessed when a new friend asked me to lunch this week. I’m a graduate student, which is an environment that does not tend to produce friendships that extend outside of school. The simple of act of letting someone know that you’re interested in being their friend for no reason other than that you enjoy their company can really make a difference!

  6. My best friend dropped everything and drove 350 miles to do whatever I needed her to do when my father-in-law died in an accident. She took my toddler and 5 yr old to a hotel to swim and play while we made the funeral arrangements and recoiled in grief. She never expects anything in return. She is selfless. I only hope I can someday return the measure of love she has given me all these years.

  7. When I first started my blogs, I had no idea how many friends it would bring into my life. I had no idea how to do any of it, but that thought had never even occurred to me! Now I have several “new” friends that I only know through cyberspace, but I feel that they are kindred spirits, and I realize that I might never have met them otherwise!
    In my “face-to-face” life, I have just a few really close friends that I don’t get to see that often because life is just too crazy right now. But I know they are there if I need them and they know the same of me. That counts, a lot.
    Here’s to new friends, and old friends, and all the friends in between!!


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