Somewhere Between Bah-Humbug and Fluorescent Merry & Bright

I think I’m pretty low-key when it comes to holidays.  I don’t give thousands of dollars to my power company to keep my Christmas lights running.  I don’t bake forty-two pounds of cookies that get thrown into the garbage two weeks after Christmas, and I don’t have twenty-two credit cards that will take me until July to pay off.  I’m not Bah-Humbug, but I’m not exactly fluorescent Merry & Bright.

I do throw up some lights.

I do bake some cookies.

I do buy Christmas gifts.

I just don’t let these things run my life and ruin my December.

BUT, I kinda like the people who do.

I mean, really, who doesn’t like to stand in front of the house that has two point three million colored bulbs on it?  I love it!  I’m a kid that way.  I’ll clap for the poor soul who let his wife talk him into carrying Santa, a sleigh, and eight (are there eight?) reindeer three stories up to the roof.  Hats off to the woman who inflates her snow family up every single morning after the cold caused Frosty and his plastic children to collapse.  And I absolutely love the tacky Christmas sweater clad old woman who makes her body weight in cookies every year.

(of course these people are all fictional – no offense anyone)

It’s Christmas.  Let’s celebrate!

I’m just too lazy to spend two weeks baking.

I am making The Pioneer Woman’s cinnamon rolls, some sugar cookies, and snickerdoodles.  I might make some other kind of cookie.  We’ll have to see what I let the kids talk me into baking.  I really loved THESE cookies, but if I make them, I may as well go out and buy a pair of jeans with an elastic waist.

And thumbprint cookies make the sugar-plums dance in my head.

Ok, so maybe I will spend two weeks baking.  Just don’t let me buy elastic waist pants.  Deal?

What about you?  What are you cooking up this Christmas?

Are you the house that lights up the neighborhood, or do the neighborhood kids whisper “Grinch” behind your back.


  1. What a great post! Love that picture.
    My December has been busy since I’m working part time now, but I keep making myself slow down.. and remember what it’s all about.
    We just had a big Christmas party and I made lots of soups and cheesecakes.. Yummy!!

    Merry Christmas…
    Just realized it’s been quite awhile since I’ve been by here… so sorry..

  2. Cookies thrown out two weeks after Christmas? You have cookies left two weeks after Christmas??? We don’t… (Hanging head in shame…)

    We’re in the middle this year. Some years I’m the crazy lady with the husband on the roof and face speckled with baking ingredients. I’m never the other extreme, though.

  3. I’m gonna bake some triple chocolate candy cane cookies! :)

  4. Trans fat mania killed my traditional shortbread for Christmas, but I’m thinking a small batch would probably not kill us as long as we don’t get our diced tomatoes out of cans! Gotta do what you can! :-)

  5. I bake my grandmother’s raspberry tarts every Christmas, those and peanut butter balls are the holiday staples. and they’re done. baked and in the freezer….taunting me to just eat them all right now!
    I’m not really into decorating my house this year. I just haven’t felt the urge. I do love decorating my tacky Christmas sweater though :)

  6. Lol I’m like you someware in the middle but we don’t have any lights on the thouse we ran out of time and we only have one outlet it just didn’t happen this year….but there is always next year right?


  7. I always want to keep it simple but somehow it just isn’t. I however only bake cut out cookies, not 21 different kind. I don’t decorate every square inch, I did try and keep that simpler this year. I truly just want to enjoy the season for what it is…JESUS!!

  8. I love that photo! :) No matter how much I bake, we always manage to eat it all. :) That’s not a good thing is it??? :)

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