Steps to Better Blogging

3 Steps to Better Blogging

Hey friends!  I’m writing over at Fancy Little Things today and I hope you’ll hop over for a visit.

I know it’s a pain to click a link when you usually read this blog via a feed or an email, but I’m honored and excited to be a contributing author at FLT.

Today I’m continuing the series on 5 Tips for New Bloggers, or old bloggers who need a little rejuvenation.

Click HERE to read about Tip #2 – Write Often.  I’ll also be giving 3 Steps to Better Blogging.


I also want to take a moment and thank those of you who suggested topics they would like to see covered on my blog.

I really appreciate that.

Sometimes you, as the reader, think of things and wonder about issues that I would never even think of, so I’m glad you took the opportunity to speak up.

I’ve also gotten a kick out of how when I’ve written on your topic, you confessed that you asked the question.  I love you for that.

If anyone else has a subject, question, or even an idea, please leave me a comment or send me an email.  I will do my best to write on your topic in the near future.

Thanks again!  I’ll see you over on Fancy Little Things.

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