Summer Hairstyles for Little Girls

Summer Hairstyles for Little Girls

I’m not great at doing hair.

The truth is that sometimes my little princess looks more like a street urchin than royalty.

Hey, we try.  We just don’t always get it right.

On the days her hair is a hot mess, she simply wears her tiara.

When she’s not wearing that tiara, we rely on these hairstyles help transform her mop into a very tamed, cute, little girl hairdo.

All four of these hairstyles are really simple.  If I can do them, chances are all of you can perfect them.

Hairstyles for Little Girls:  Style 1 Twist & Clip

Style 1:  Twist & Clip

While your daughter’s hair is still damp, pull it all into a high pony tail.

Take small sections and begin twisting the hair until it forms tight, squiggly little balls.  Then clip the hair in place.

Repeat until all the hair is tightly secured.

This hairstyles stays in all day, even through ballet class and gym.  It’s secure.  The best part is that when you take down all the clips, your little girl’s hair will be full of waves and curls.

Fun Hairstyles for Little Girls:  Twist & Clip Bun


Warning:  Give yourself a little extra time if you’re going to try this style in the morning, because it does take a while to twist all those little strands.


Little Girl's Hairstyles:  The Hair Bow

Style 2:  The Hair Bow

I must admit, this is one of my favorite hair styles on my daughter.

I know it’s all Lady Gaga, but my kid doesn’t resemble Gaga in the slightest.  She just looks adorable, like mini-mouse.

It’s the perfect hair style for the first day back-to-school.

Little Girl's Hair Styles:  The Hair Bow - First Day back to School

Simply pull the hair through the eleastic to make a pony tail.  Then on the second pull through the band, don’t bring the hair all the way through.  Stop about 3/4 of the way, like you’re making a messy bun. (see below)

In fact, you will have a messy bun.  Part the messy bun and pull the tail (the extra hair that didn’t get pulled through the elastic) through the middle of the great divide.  This will split the hair in two and form a bow.  Then secure the “tail” with clips or bobby pins.


Little Girl's Hair Styles: Sock Curls

Style 3:  Sock Curls

I was tortured with pink foam curlers when I was a kid.

Raise your hand if you suffered the same kind of style trauma.

Thank you. I see all those hands.

Sock curls are so much easier.

Little Girl's Hair Styles:  Sock Curls - Rocking the big 80's style hair.

This is absolutely a nod to the 80′s.

Take three or four knee socks and separate your daughter’s hair into sections.  Roll the hair in the sock.  I rolled up.  Tie the socks when you’re done.  You’ll want them rolled close to the head, but not so close that it hurts.  Let the hair hang a little.

In the morning, your cutie will have a head of curls.

Finger through the curls and spray to hold the style.  If your daughter’s hair is super-straight, add a little curling mouse or gel to the hair before you roll it.

Little Girl's Hair Styles:  The French Side Braid, a la Katniss Everdeen (Hunger Games)

Style 4:  French Side Braid, a la Katniss Everdeen

I recently wrote a whole tutorial on this hairstyle, so I won’t do it again.  Just click HERE.


Little Girl's Hair Styles:  The Messy Bun

The Messy Bun (needed for style 2)

This is the base for the Hair Bow.

You make a pony tail and on the second pull through the elastic, you stop about 3-4 of the way through, this way you have a bun.  I use small clips to secure the hair and ensure it’s all fanned out in a circle.

Little Girl's Hair Styles:  Messy Bun Front View

Here’s what a messy bun looks like from the front.

FYI:  Those are fake glasses on my daughter.  She’s all kinds of diva.


Flower break

Does your little girl have a favorite hairstyle?

Share it in the comments and if you’re a blogger, feel free to leave a link to one of your own hair style posts.

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Summer Hair Styles for Little Girls - Easy to do


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  1. Merryheart says

    Fringekid is so cute! I just figured out why, when I saw her in those glasses. She looks just like her mom!

  2. Mom says

    Torture? You made me promise to always do your hair In a different style everyday because you had to wear a boring uniform to school. The fringekid’s hairdos are adorable but then she is so adorable to begin with!!!!!!

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