T2 Video on Marriage

T2 Video - Women helping Women

Friends, there’s a brand new T2 video with Danielle Peters, marriage writer over at Fancy Little Things and founder of the 72 Hour Club.

It’s 17 1/2 minutes long and it’s a little better than first video.  We’re learning!

We’re not learning too much though, because in the video, I look like I’m part of the witness protection program.  My face is a bit scrambled and I have no earthly idea why.  It didn’t look that way on my screen, but the internet police must have thought I should hide my face from the public.  It’s probably better that way.  Camera’s aren’t really my friend.


If you have no idea what these T2 videos are about, please read on, otherwise, you’re free to go watch the video.  Or not.  I’m not twisting your arm or anything.  I promise.

Flower breakT2 Videos – What’s it all about?

I know this probably sounds crazy, but I am hoping to create a place where women can learn from other “real” women who have been through the hard times and have seen victory.

These videos are meant to be a help and encouragement.

They are not meant to be a burden or another set of things we should be doing in life.

You don’t need to add anything to your “to-do” list.  In fact, you can skip the videos all together, but if you’re looking to be encouraged in different areas of your life, then watch on my friends. 

The videos have a page of their own.  You can find them on the little banner at the top of this page – T2 Videos – Women helping Women.

If there is a certain topic you would like to see covered, please let me know in the comments or you can find my email on the contact page.

These videos are meant to be informal chats, one woman to another.  I wish we could all sit around and have coffee together, but I hope this will be the next best thing.

You can find all the videos (to date) here.

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    My friend and I were talking yesterday about how reading blogs is a mixed bag; you get some good ideas but often you walk away feeling awful about yourself because of all the things you’re not doing that you should be doing. I’ve read blogs that encouraged me to run a marathon, bake some gluten-free homemade bread, romance my husband 17 times per week, only feed my family organic foods, and clean and organize my house using only non-chemical natural cleaners. It can get discouraging. Thanks for being REAL–here’s one reader who really appreciates it!

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