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T2 Videos - Women helping Women

I am creating video Skype chats with women who have a special expertise in a certain area. For instance, marriage, raising Godly kids, intimacy, friendship, using your talents for the Lord…stuff like that.

I know this probably sounds crazy, but I am hoping to create a place where women can learn from other “real” women who have been through the hard times and have seen victory.

These videos are meant to be a help and encouragement.  For more information on these videos, please read this post where I explain the T2 videos and my vision for this page.

Flower breakT2 Video #2 Marriage

Resource:  72 Hour Club

Read Danielle’s writing over at Fancy Little Things.

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T2 Video #1 – Heath & Fitness

Please Note:  This is the very first time Dani and I spoke “in person”.  This is also the very first video I created, so it’s a little quirky.

For instance, I look at the ceiling all the time and when I’m not looking at the ceiling, I look like I am in terrible pain.  That’s my I’mfreakingoutontheinside face.  I’m absolutely not in any pain whatsoever, nor am I constipated.

My voice is also terribly scratchy and crackly.  That’s from many years of using steroid inhalers for my asthma.  Sorry.  I warned you I am not a speaker.

Dani was awesome though.  She’s a natural at video.  Maybe she’ll make her own exercise video one day!

Resources:  Faith, Fitness, and Fun blog – all other information mentioned can be found on this blog.

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    What!!! Y’all both went to PCC??? I grew up there (7th grade on) and graduated w/ an El Ed degree too!! The blogosphere is a small world! :)

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