Sponsor’s Spotlight: Gorgeous Handmade Jewelry from Lew’s

Lew's Jewelry - July Sponsor @ thedomesticfringe.com

  Today I get to introduce you to this month’s Sponsor, Sarah from Lew’s Jewelry. The first time I visited her website, I absolutely fell in love with her gorgeous handmade jewelry.  It’s hard to even pick my favorite piece, because I like them all so much. I think you may feel the same way; [...]

Give A Hoot – Accessorize with Statement Pieces

Irregular Choice clutch & Dr. Martin Boots

I’m taking a little break from 31 Days of Living by Faith.  No worries, the regularly scheduled post for Day 24 will go live later in the day, so come back.  There are more amazing things to discuss Today I am talking about accessorizing with statement pieces. It’s no secret I am drawn to unusual [...]

FringeMan & Women’s Jewelry


During my ‘tween’ years, formerly known as bratty kid years, the FringeParents decided that I could finally get my ears pierced.  Considering I knew several infants who had their ears pierced, this parental concession didn’t thrust me into pre-pubescent pride; however, I was happy to finally have a tiny hole drilled through my lobe. Being [...]

Accessorizing The Whole Person


I love bling.  Gaudy fat beads, vintage necklaces, and bangles are all favorites.  I also love earrings; however, I can’t wear earrings unless they are solid gold and that’s not what I prefer. I need to come clean and admit that I’m tempted to get a belly button piercing.  I don’t know why belly bling [...]