31 Days of Living by Faith, Day 22 – Faith in Crisis

keep calm and live by faith butterfly 31 days of living by faith

Yesterday my father-in-law was in a very serious car accident.  He was air-lifted to the hospital and he is not doing well. He has several broken vertebra, broken ribs, internal bleeding, and a collapsed lung.  The doctors are doing everything they can for him, but he needs prayers. Please, if you can, take a moment [...]

How Laundry Broke My Leg

laundry wars injury

These are the chronicles of the Laundry Wars. Although I’ve been a prisoner for many years, I am now wounded in action. I am one basket of laundry beyond folded. Today began all mellow-yellow.  It was calm and quiet.  My son went to a friend’s house and my daughter and I were just chillaxin.  After [...]

Why I know Skype was Not Invented by a Woman


Good morning Friday.  I’m glad to see you; however, I would prefer your sunny smile to your sad, gray mood.  We are wet with your tears.  No need to be sad.  It’s officially summer, and we need your warmth.  Our southern friends are bragging of your goodness, your smiling face, and the warm golden glow [...]

Vermont, The Full-Figured Sister

gorden of gloucester

Thursday night all four in our little family gathered to watch something on Netflix.  We may only be four, but we filled the couch, spilling child bodies, blankets, and pillows onto the floor.  My daughter and I somehow talked the menfolk into watching an episode of the Take Home Chef.  If you remember, my daughter [...]

Sunshine May Save The Day


Good day all.  I do hope you’re in the mood for random. There is so much actual work to be done today, but this morning’s sunshine is already tempting me to abandon all duty and go play.  I mean is my bathroom really that dirty?  Do we really need clean clothes??  Clean dishes?  I can [...]

It’s not only the Moose watching…Part 4

Dirty Clothes in Limerick reno

Deep Fried Tomatoes & Bakes Potatoes, Part 6 Devil Dog on My Porch (Prt. 5) It’s Not Only The Moose Watching (Prt. 4) Closing – Not a Naked Dance (Prt. 3) Our Dream House (Prt. 2) From the Beginning (Prt. 1) I am convinced if it were not for the young and verifiably insane, we [...]

Bumper Cars

Driving in New York is a little like driving bumper cars at the amusement park.  Actually, it’s exactly like bumper cars.  You zoom along at full speed and aim for the nearest car to absorb impact when you can’t stop.  The question is really not if you’re going to get into an accident, but when.  [...]