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Zyrtec - Allergy Face

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of ZYRTEC®. Allergy is my middle name.  Seriously, if there is ever anything wrong with me, nine times out of ten, it’s caused by allergies.  I’m not even talking about the obvious allergy symptoms like sneezing, watering eyes, and a scratchy throat.  Allergies can cause all kinds of bad health problems. Allergy pills have been

It’s Raining Cats & Dogs & Long-Fanged Mice


Today is Wednesday (just in case you misplaced your calendar) and it’s raining cats and dogs.  Apparently the cats chased in the mice, because I either have one very hungry mouse or a gang of fang-toothed rats.  I prefer to think it’s a simple house mouse, but I’m having nightmares of Mickey scurrying through my kitchen and chewing holes through my cabinet doors.  It’s not

Good Morning Monday

army of ermas

I’m writing over at An Army of Ermas on this fine, very rainy, Monday morning. Please come visit! If you’re not familiar with the site, it’s dedicated to Erma Bombeck.  You’ll enjoy all the funny stories written by various talented ‘Ermas’. Have a good Monday and I’ll see at An Army of Ermas!

The End of A Canine Era


We did a tough thing this week.  We gave FringePup away to a nice family.  As per the doctor’s order, we needed to remove the dog from our home. The kids were sad. FringeMan was sad. It was either the dog or me, and don’t doubt for a minute that the rest of my family considered renting me an apartment down the street.  They most

Half Killed, But Thankful


Yesterday I had a doctor’s appointment where the doctor half-killed me, revived me with an arsenal of drugs, fed me a bowl of crackers, and then sent me on my way.  I was ordered to call when I got home to let them know I was ok.  I have to call back Monday to let them know I’m still ok. It’s never a good sign

It’s Just Bothering Me


I’m sharing this because I know you’re good listeners and you’ll offer me some valuable advice.  Added together, you all have many lifetimes of experience and right now I need it. I’ve been taking my son to an allergist since early April.  I want him immunized against bees, so he can live free of the fear of shots and hospitals and near death experiences.  I

Family Rates @ The Doctors

Dust Mite - Thank God they are too small to be seen with the naked eye!

It’s never a good sign when you need to upscale the size of your medicine bowl that sits next to the coffee pot. We are dropping like flies here on the fringe, but we are battling the dust mites with our every last little bit of breath. Dramatic enough? Hardly. It’s currently 2:00am and I am awake.  I am also lounging on the couch while