The Were-Rabbit’s Baby Bunny

FringeKid with Charlotte the bunny

This was the biggest weekend of the year in our town.  Most of the towns situated along the Erie Canal have a town wide celebration each summer.  It’s like a block party on steroids. Last year, because my husband had a preaching schedule that brought us down south for most of the summer, we missed the festivities and my kids were a little heartbroken.  This

How My Friday Turned into A Monday

obey drama llamas

Or this post could be titled: How I Was Banned from Convenient Care I love my parents to death, but some days I suspect they may be the death of me, especially on a Friday turned Monday.  After many phone calls from the Drama Llamas, I started having bouts of paranoia coupled with night sweats and dreams of men in white lab coats sawing off

A Two Slushy Kind of Day

a trip to the zoo

Today is a two-part post kind of day. First part is What I Wore Wednesday and the second part is our trip to the zoo.  Since I’m only showing one outfit, I thought I’d combine the two; however, I did get dressed more than once this week.  I promise! Dress:  Target (too long ago to include a link), Half-tee:, Bag:  Charming Charlies, Necklace:  Glad


Zoo animals

Single Brown Fleecy Female in search of Tall Dark Handsome Furry Dentist. Enjoys dinner at the hayloft and free range grazing. Interested in hanging out with friends and comparing wool. Is known to spit occasionally, but only when prompted. Please send all inquiries to the zoo.

The Summer that Once Was

Well, summer’s over, but it was nice when it was here.  I guarantee we enjoyed two whole weeks of it.  I have absolutely no idea what we’ll do when the kids finally get out of school.  Maybe we’ll be snowboarding by then, or something.  Hopefully something else, but you just never know. We did go swimming once during our very short summer.  That’s a success. 

The Tropics Would Be Nice

slippy lizard

Slippy, FringeBoy’s lizard, is having troubles.  He slipped into a coma yesterday afternoon, maybe hibernation is a better word.  I don’t know, but I do know Slippy is freezing to death.  I may have to make the ultimate mom sacrifice and get on a one-way flight to the tropics with him. This morning his tank was fifty-eight degrees, our predicted outside high for the day. 

The Cost of Free

fish up close

I told you how doing a simple favor for my neighbor ended up with me spending a whole bunch of money.  I’m still confused by how love thy neighbor turned into buy my kids fish, but life is funny like that.  I just have to go with the flow until the flow ends up draining my bank account.  Then I have to set boundaries, because