The High Price of Beauty

The High Price of Beauty - the average woman spends $100 a month on beauty products. I am so far behind.

The other I day I read (and I can't remember where) the average woman spends $100 a month on beauty products. Whaaaat? How did I not get this memo?  You've all been shopping without me.  It's no wonder I look so pale and forlorn, and here I thought it was the arctic weather and lack of Vitamin D. I'm roughly $1,100 dollars behind and my husband doesn't think it's prudent for me to catch up. What's a woman with old lipstick and no more face brightener to do? I'm like the ugly duckling who needs over a thousand dollars worth of beauty potions and a Clarisonic before she can turn … [Read more...]

Beauty Box Review

BeautyBox 5 - a beauty subscription service review   Beauty Box Five is a subscription-based beauty service.  The cost is $12 per month.  The goal is to introduce you to new brands and great products.  This service helps you navigate the masses of cosmetic and beauty products available. Beauty Products - In My Box Jean Pierre Cosmetics - Oil Absorbing Facial Tissues Coolway - Shampoo & Conditioner Be a Bombshell - Lipgloss in Taupeless Model Co - Black Eyeliner   Special Promotion Offer Receive a free $5 gift card to when you sign up for a monthly … [Read more...]

Summer Style Alert

Easy, Breezy Summer Fashion: The Dress

  I bet you didn't know this, but a "Summer Style Alert" is kinda like those weather alerts that run across the bottom of your TV screen.  Sometimes they tell you what you already know - wind and rain coming.  Meanwhile, it's been down-pouring for the last hour and a half.  You look at the screen and you're all like, "Gee, thanks for that." But then there are other times when the weather alert is really helpful and you run outside, and shelter your pots of flowers. I hope this alert will be like the time to you run outside to grab your flowers, but let's face reality, I'm no … [Read more...]

WIWW: Hair Crisis

Spring Orange Bag: Charming Charlies

It's Wednesday again and I should be talking about clothing, but really, I need to discuss hair.  I'm having a hair crisis. After the modern mullet cut debacle and then chopping all my hair off, I am in crisis mode. It's like I have someone else's hair on my head.  Now I wouldn't mind if this new hair were silky and shiny and easy to manage, but it's not.   Skirt: Old Navy, Shirt: Old Navy, Sandals: Famous Footwear (all of it from last summer) My hair isn't bad when I blow it out and use a flat iron, but I can't really do that every single day in the summer or else I will … [Read more...]

Printed Pants – Take a Walk on The Wild Side

Wedge Sandals Target

  This is an exceptionally weird What I Wore Wednesday.  It's not so much the clothes, but the actual photos that make these pictures freaky. I wish they were outtakes, but they are not.  I have one shot of each outfit and I'm talking in most of the photographs, with my hands.  Let's just agree that I'm odd.   Shirt:  Ross (Georgia),  Jeans:  Kohl's,  Shoes:  K-Mart   I'm joining The Pleated Poppy in What I Wore Wednesday, a blog phenomenon that was designed to inspire women to get dressed.   Shirt:  GAP,  Jeans:  Kohl's (same as … [Read more...]

I’m Talking Beauty Products

Hibiscus Flower in Summer

I'm thinking spring and taking beauty products today! I really don't talk about beauty products a whole lot, because it isn't my area of expertise; however, I've been give the title 'Jill of All Trades' over at Fancy Little Things and I intend to live up to that name. Do you know what 'Jill of All Trades' really means? I'll tell you, but you must promise to never repeat it. It means OPINIONATED. I can definitely be opinionated, so come on over to Fancy Little Things and check out my 5 Spring Must Have Beauty Products.   Oh, and since this week, I'm running this series … [Read more...]

Top Lipstick Picks – A Vlog

covergirl, Mabellyne, Revlon - drugstore lipstics

Lipstick Video February, 2013 from Tricia G. on Vimeo. Favorite Reader Lipstick: Lingering Mocha #816, L'oreal Paris Honorable Mentions: Candy Apple #035, Revlon Colorburst Flame #300, Covergirl Warning:  The previous two shades of red are very bright, but why not embrace bright?  Go ahead.  Live daringly.  Get your crazy on! Blushing Berry #590, L'oreal Colour Riche Berry Ready #85, Color Whisper Baby Lips - The Purple One (It's called Peach something or another). Now it's your turn.  What is your favorite lipstick/lipgloss color? Do you wear lipstick?? I'm … [Read more...]

The Cure for Dry Skin

A treatment to help cure exceptionally dry skin. It's cost affective and it works!

My skin is dryer than the Sahara Desert on a sunny day in August.  I wish I were kidding, but the battle for soft, well-hydrated skin began in childhood.  Dry flaking skin with patches of eczema has always been part of my life. Dry skin becomes worse in the winter.  If you have dry skin, you know heat, extremely cold temperatures, and lack of sun all work together to suck every last drop of moisture from your body. Recently my face became a flaky, dry, cracked, itchy, mess.  Then I developed a rash all over my cheeks and chin. My face looked terrible and when I used makeup, it looked … [Read more...]

Hand Me Downs & Remixing – WIWW

mixed prints - argyle sweater and polka dot shirt

Contrary to popular belief, hand-me-downs are not just for children. Recently I was blessed with a few trash bags full of clothes.  Some work for me and some don't, but I've been trying to mix and match and work more and more pieces into my wardrobe. So, this is what I wore this week. If you are new around here, I don't just  take pictures of myself, because I like how I look.  I document what I wear as motivation, not only to dress better, but also to just simply get dressed.  When you work at home, it's easy to get stuck in the rut of pj pants or yoga pants.  This helps us out of … [Read more...]

Advice for The Fashionably Challenged

fashion, style, printed jeans

In this life, there are those of us who can and those of us who cannot. Some women have a natural flare for style and fashion; the rest of us stand in front of our closet and wonder why we have nothing to wear. Here's some good advice: If you are fashionably challenged, find someone to be your fashion inspiration and emulate them. Blogs are filled with fashion inspiration.  Ever hear of What I Wore Wednesday?  Hundreds of real women with real shapes and sizes link up to show off what they wore that week.  Many of them shop at stores you and I can afford - Target, Old Navy, Kohl's, … [Read more...]

Give A Hoot – Accessorize with Statement Pieces

Irregular Choice clutch & Dr. Martin Boots

I'm taking a little break from 31 Days of Living by Faith.  No worries, the regularly scheduled post for Day 24 will go live later in the day, so come back.  There are more amazing things to discuss Today I am talking about accessorizing with statement pieces. It's no secret I am drawn to unusual and fun accessories.  I just cannot help myself.  Sometimes I get overwhelmed with cuteness. I enjoy using fun accessories. They make an ordinary outfit special. They give you the "put-together" look. They can be daring in small, tolerable doses. They add pops of color to a neutral … [Read more...]

Celebrated With A Romantic Deer

15th, crystal anniversary

Last Thursday was our "crystal" anniversary - 15 years.  It's a huge milestone and I am sure you are all tired of hearing about it, but I cannot let it go just yet.  I told you FringeMan wanted to celebrate 15 years with tall, cold glasses of Crystal Light, but I wanted more, something to commemorate this special day. I went in search of the perfect FringeMan gift.  It couldn't just be a new screwdriver (unless it had our anniversary or my face etched in the handle) or box of ammunition (always an appropriate gift for my mister).  I wanted special. That's when I searched Etsy.  I know it's … [Read more...]

WIWW – As Good As It Gets

blue dot dress

It's What I Wore Wednesday and I'm joining The Pleated Poppy in photographing my outfits.  This week is as good as it gets.  Ever. Since we are away and my husband is preaching often, I am getting dressed often. That makes for a better than usual WIWW.  Just don't get use to it, because next week we are going back to normal. Dress:  Target (last year), Tank:, Flip-Flops: Who Cares! Dress:  Kohl's Clearance about 5-6 years ago.  It's juniors - Don't Judge.  Shoes: Kmart Dress:  Target (2 years ago) - This dress is a maternity dress, but that's my secret.  I'm not … [Read more...]

Fixin the Face – Fashion Friday

MAC Strobe Cream - Cosmetics

Source: via Tricia on Pinterest In honor of Fashion Friday, I thought we could chat about makeup. Although I wear makeup, I'm not an expert.  I'm just a girl, so I go buy some makeup from time to time and add a little color to my face so no one mistakes me for dead. I shouldn't admit this, but I still have a blush I bought when I was pregnant with my daughter.  My daughter is TEN!  I should probably throw that out before I get some sort of face-fungus and my skin melts into a pool under my chin.  Heaven knows my chins don't need any extra baggage these days. Because I'm … [Read more...]

It’s like Gag-Me-With-A-Spoon & Go on a Cruise WIWW

Gap Striped Maxi

It's What I Wore Wednesday again and I'm participating.  If you're new around The Domestic Fringe, you may be wondering why in the world I would post a cheesy picture of myself just to show you my outfit.  Well, I guess I have a few reasons. 1.  I'm a dork. 2.  I'm a girl, but not all girls are dorks, so don't misunderstand me. 3.  I enjoy going through The Pleated Poppy's list of WIWW participants and seeing what all the girls are wearing in blogland, because it's kind of like having a million sisters, or being in high school and playing dress-up in the mall.  You know the deal - … [Read more...]

Full of Wonder


Life is pretty fabulous. I'm not talking about the extra-special things that may or may not happen to you.  I'm talking about the ordinary day to day, life itself.  It's great because it's unexpected. You wake up in the morning, toast a bagel, argue with the kids over who spilled milk on their homework, and head out into a day of unknowns.  There's no shortage of things that can make you wonder. It's a good life. Take for example, this note that my daughter brought home from school. Now that warmer weather is hopefully on its way to [my town] again.  I need to address the subject … [Read more...]

The Ugly


For many months I've had this thought in a post on the ugly. I don't really know why, but I feel I must share with you the ugly, because sometimes life isn't pretty. Usually bloggers, including myself, only photograph the lovely, the good, and the bright; however, we all live with some ugly.  At times, the ugly takes over, but don't lose hope.  God makes all things beautiful in His time. Maybe that's the message I really want to bring you. ************************************************************* FringeKid and I armed ourselves with a camera and set out for a slow … [Read more...]

Frenemies, Hairstyles, and Cothes on Monday

Messy Bun

Shoes are a girl's best frenemy.  Then again, maybe only I feel that way.  This morning dawned bright and beautiful.  The sun shone, the clouds stayed at bay, and I decided to wear my birthday shoes.  It was like learning to walk all over again. I don't care what anyone says, walking in 3 1/2 inch heels is not easy.  It's like walking on stilts minus the clown outfit.  I should even be careful making that claim since I have no idea what you think of my wardrobe. I also have an Achilles heel, only it's in my ankle.  When I was about 15, I tripped on a loose manhole cover in Manhattan and … [Read more...]

Fashion: What to Wear at Any Age – 10 Principles

graduation picture

Preface:  (You know it's going to be a long post if I have a preface!)  After reading an article banning flip-flops on anyone over the age of thirty, I was inspired to think very carefully about what I believe women should wear.  I'm happy to report I think flip-flops can be worn well into old age.  These are my other musings.  Twenty years from now, I may change my opinions, but for today, this is what I believe about fashion at any age. Aging Gracefully - What does that mean?  Why do some women seem to do it instictually while others struggle, often looking like gray haired little girls … [Read more...]

It Holds the Power to Change a Woman’s Life


SHOES What?  Did you think I was talking about chocolate again? Shoes hold the power to change a woman's life.  It's true. I present: and... I'm sure we can add a few more women to that list, but I refrain from name-dropping whenever possible. For my birthday, coming up in just eight days, I decided to buy myself a pair of shoes.  Apparently shoe shopping while in the throes of winter is becoming a habit.  I bought these last year. I blame it on the lack of sunlight, SAD, and whatever the newest disorder is; however, I figure a pair of shoes is cheaper than both a … [Read more...]