Encouraging Young Readers

6 Ways to Encourage Young Readers, Part 2 of Raising Readers

This is Part 2 of Raising Readers.  If you haven’t read Part 1, go on over and then come right back. Kids are amazing.  They can learn and comprehend so much more than we give them credit for.  Building good habits young will benefit them throughout their entire lives.  One of the habits I’ve tried [...]

Raising Readers

How to Raise Readers, because reading is the basis of all education

I love to read and I wanted to raise my children to be readers. My husband isn’t a big reader.  He always opts to watch the movie, but the movie is never as good as the book.  Ever.  Reading doesn’t come naturally to him, so he reserves it for the Bible.  I honestly don’t think [...]

Personal Goals for 2014

Laundromat People

I pretty much fell off the face of blogland. What’s that?  You didn’t notice? I didn’t think so. Since I’m quite proficient at waiting until the last-minute, the days leading up to Christmas were pretty busy, not necessarily exciting or productive, just busy.  I messed up a batch of cinnamon rolls and then spent Christmas [...]

Left Neglected – Book Review

Left Neglected by Lisa Genova - Book Review

Left Neglected, written by the author of Still Alice, is a book you should consider checking out.  It is the story of Sarah Nickerson and her traumatic brain injury. If you know anything about Lisa Genova, the author, you’ll know she holds a Ph.D. in Neuroscience from Harvard University, so it makes perfect sense that [...]

Book Review – A Paris Wife

A Paris Wife - Book Review

I’ve decided not to summarize the entire book when I do a review, because summaries are a dime a dozen. Whenever I want to read a book, I look to find out what other readers thought of the book, so that’s what I’m giving you – my thougts.   A Paris Wife sucked me in [...]

Book Review: Minimalist Parenting

Book Review: Minimalist Parenting .... Are you an overwhelmed parent? This book may be for you. Read the full review.

This Minimalist Parenting book review is Part 2. Read Part 1 HERE. Minimalist Parenting In Part 1 of this two part series, I painted a picture of the pressures put on both moms and dads.  I’ve felt it myself in varying degrees throughout the thirteen years I’ve been a mom. Often there’s the nagging feeling [...]

Summer Adventure Giveaway – $220+ Value

Hi friends! I’m hosting this most fabulous giveaway in collaboration with Fancy Little Things. Lots of people joined forces to be part of this giveaway. I hope you all enjoy!   Thank you for entering — so glad you stopped by!! a Rafflecopter giveaway   May the odds be ever in your favor. Sorry, couldn’t [...]

Lessons from Madame Chic – Book Review

Lessons from Madame Chic 20 Stylish Secrets I Learned While Living in Paris - A Book Review

Lessons from Madame Chic is a book about the many life lessons Jennifer Scott learned while living in Paris as an exchange student. The topics in this book cover just about everything that is a part of our daily lives as women, except parenting. It’s super quick and easy to read with summaries at the [...]

Where’d You Go Bernadette, A Book Review

Where'd You Go Bernadette - A Book Review

Where’d You Go Bernadette is the first book I chose to read from my summer reading list and it did not disappoint. Bernadette is an incredibly intelligent and creative women who has also become a bit too eccentric for her own good.  Before her daughter was born with life-threatening health problems, Bernadette, a renown architect, [...]

Summer Reading List – 2013

Summer Reading List 2013 - The Domestic Fringe

I love summer, because I feel like it’s ok to be lazy.  Maybe this is just more of my twisted thinking, but when school lets out, I suddenly go on holiday in my mind. Life is becomes all about easy meals and soaking up sunshine.  It’s right and good to sit by the pool and [...]

The Library: My Office Away from Home

The library: My Office Away from Home

Hello Monday Since this weekend was a bust, I decided to show you our library, my office away from home. I mean, I could talk about how FringeMan came down with the stomach bug, but that’s not a good Monday morning topic. Let’s just say I declared the second floor of our house a contamination [...]

Whatcha Readin’? – Lobster Rolls & Blueberry Pie

Lobster ROlls and Blueberry Pie

I go to the library all the time.  Sometimes I go with a list in my hand or a specific book in my head.  Other times I peruse the aisles, picking up this book or that.  Once in a while, when I know I’ll be there for a good long while, I collect a stack [...]

Book Review – Mended: Pieces of a Life Made Whole


When I began reading Mended: Pieces of a Life Made Whole, I had no idea what this book was about, but it didn’t take long before I realized I knew the author. I didn’t “know” her in a personal way, but I recognized her voice, the way she writes.  I flipped to the back of [...]

Book Shelves – A DIY Makeover

Home decorating with books

Every so often things need to get changed up in my house. They also really need to be cleaned, because when I leave all the dusting to my ten year-old daughter, places get overlooked.  Sometimes entire bookcases get overlooked, for a long time. I am quite proficient at procrastination though, and I can almost always [...]

Book Review – One Thousand Gifts Devotional

one thousand gifts deovtional

If you are not familiar with Ann Voskamp, you need click right over to her blog and fall in love with her writing. Ann is so much more than a sentence can describe.  She is a farmer’s wife, a mother, a homeschooler, a writer, a follower of Jesus, and a giver of thanks.  She took [...]

anything, part two

To read anything, part one click HERE. _____________________________________________________ In her book, Anything: The Prayer that Unlocked my God and my Soul, Jennie Allen tells of the time she and her husband prayed anything.  They offered themselves, their possessions, and their family up to God for His service.  Their decision wasn’t made lightly, and did not [...]