Changes on The Domestic Fringe


You may have noticed that this blog went through an identity crisis this week.  It’s because I am gearing up for something big (read on and you’ll find out what) and I’m trying to find my way in this wonky world of blogging. I think I changed my header four times before settling on this [...]

Hello Monday, Vanilla, & Garlic

Garlic Festival New York

Hello Million Dollar Question What do vanilla and garlic have in common? *Que Jeopardy Song* Still no guesses?? The Fringe of course! Hello Garlic Festival You proved a very exciting event!  We married garlic and Fringe Vanilla on Saturday.  Some said it would never work, but we proved them wrong. My mother even baked a [...]

It’s My Business

Today I’m linking up with Jennifer Rizzo and her Show us Your Shoppe linky party.  I know many of you already know about my Fringe Vanilla, but I have lots of new readers and I wanted to share.  So forgive me if you’ve been introduced before…please and thank you. One cold morning my neighbor, the [...]

This Business of Blogging

Confused Geeky Woman

I’ve been tossing around an idea for a long time, but it’s kind of scary.  It would require me to take a chance, hence the reason I haven’t done it yet; however, it’s been on the brain and I’m wondering if now might be the right time.  Will you help me make an informed decision? [...]

Summer Creativity ~ Be Inspired

Photo courtesy of Sydney, The Charming Tyrants Summer Series Summer Creativity ~ Be Inspired Today I’d like to welcome Jeanne.  She is a super-creative, delightful woman who has accomplished so much in her young life.  She has a lovely family and a thriving business.  Her blog inspires, challenges, and guides women to find their passion [...]