A Dream Come True


The other day when the sun shone for a moment between rain, my kids called me outside.  Grasping at any excuse not to finish the laundry, I went running. My son handed me a rope and said, "Will you tie me to this pole?" I've waited all my life to hear him ask this one question. Grabbing the rope, I ran circles before he could change his mind.  Motorists slowed to a crawl.  They were jealous.  For once in my life, every parent wanted to be me. The day I tied my son to a pole will remain a highlight in my mothering career. Happy Mother's Day to me. … [Read more...]

I’ve Been Tagged

Remember jail tag and freeze tag? As a kid, I loved playing tag.  I mean, what's better than chasing your friends all around and putting them in jail?  In fact, I think I'd like to play it again! Just so happens Jill from Jill Boyd's Place tagged me in a blog game.  Thankfully I am not in jail, although I have been in jail. Twice. Don't get excited.  It's not what you think.  I was never prosecuted for the cacti. I've been to a lovely banquet in prison where the inmates actually served us, only those on their best behavior.  Talk about heartburn!  It's stressful watching men in … [Read more...]