Snoopy Lives Here


It’s no secret I love Christmas.  I mean, what’s not to love? It’s Jesus’ Birthday. You get to go Christmas shopping. You get presents. Everybody makes cookies loaded with butter and sugar, and it’s perfectly acceptable to pig-out on them. You can be as tacky as you’d like with your holiday decorating and it’s all in the spirit of Christmas. In my opinion, there are

Thanks & A Video

HAPPY THANKSGIVING It is my prayer that you all have a wonderful day with family and friends.  Enjoy every bite of your turkey!  I’m eating everything, but turkey.  I don’t know what I have against turkey this year.  Honestly Tom has never done anything sinister to me.  I’m just foul for fowl. I have been abundantly blessed this year and I’m thankful for so much.  

Christmas Chaos


** WARNING **  All those who hate commercialism, deplore presents, and condemn people who light up the street with their house’s decorations, DO NOT READ!  Come back December 26th. I LOVE Christmas!  In all honesty, I love holidays – any of them.  They are just fun excuses to give presents, dress up, have parties, and eat fancy foods.  What’s not to like? I want you

Winners & Losers


WE HAVE A WINNER! I’m sure you could barely sleep last night wondering if you were going to be the lucky winner of these socks. Not to mention that you get a stylish hat as well.  I give nothing but the best!  I’m happy to announce Mindy from Primitiques ‘n Poetry as our winner.  Congratulations Mindy!!!  Snakelover will happy you won the hat.  As happy as