Friends – Heaven Sent

T n Me workin hard!

I had just moved from New York to Maine.  I loved the foreign and frigid land that Maine is, but I was still in a bit of culture shock.  I went from city to the boonies in one giant move. I felt a little like I was on one of those shows where they drop [...]

3 Things, One Tattoo, & A Golden Antler

Tattoo of Boots Nailed to the Cross

I’ve been a little off this fall. I mean, I didn’t put out one pumpkin in my house.  Not one.  I thought about it, but when I went looking for my “fall” decorations, I couldn’t find the box, because I think it’s buried behind our Christmas decorations and I just wasn’t that committed to being [...]

I’m Flower Patch Farmgirl’s Guest

park bench Domestic Fringe

Please don’t faint on me, but I am a guest over at Shannan’s place, Flower Patch Farmgirl. I’m writing something completely different, sharing a part of my story I don’t normally talk about on my blog. I have a hard time seeing the boundaries and knowing what is good to write and what is better [...]

The Poverty Problem

Poverty: What can we do about it?

I do not know how to fix all the problems we have in this world.  I don’t, and I doubt that surprises you, because I have this sneaking suspicion that you don’t know how to do it either. However, we generally want to do something to help.  We can’t right all the wrongs, but maybe, [...]

Holiday Humor, Day 2

I felt the skin of my armpit stick together like a piece of double-sided tape had somehow made its way to the deep recesses of my underarm. Beads of sweat broke out on my forehead and I went running as inconspicuously as possible through the crowded, candlelit church. I bee-lined for the basement and ran [...]

31 Days of Living by Faith, Day 24 – Faith in The Wilderness


A big giant THANK YOU to all those who have been reading 31 Days of Living by faith.  Today I’d like to welcome Sara.  She writes her own fabulous blog and I know you’ll want to hop over for a visit. ****************************************** Sara, a.k.a., “me” is a former high school English teacher currently teaching elementary [...]

Love & The Church


Today it’s all about controversy.  I’m talking about church.  Maybe you’ll agree with me, but it’s ok if you don’t.  Please understand, this post is about “church” and “church people” in general.  I’m not naming any specific denomination or peoples.  I’ve never even mentioned what kind of church I attend.  I think religion is something [...]

I’m Torn Between Hate & Love


Not to stray from today’s post before I’ve even begun writing it, but last Sunday my daughter dressed her sock monkey and took her to church. It’s kinda, sorta funny and yet a little bizzare all at the same time. ************ At this moment in my life, I’m hating Fiction Friday and it was my [...]

Summer Funnies ~ Jiggling Not Allowed


Photo courtesy of Sydney, The Charming Tyrants Summer Series We had two great bloggers post this weekend.  If you missed out on their articles, please take a moment to read – Summer Prairie ~ Strawberry Rhubarb Recipe & More & Summer Simple ~Savor The Days Summer Funnies I’m delighted to have Jill with us today.  [...]

Picnic for Two – Summer Faith


Photo courtesy of Sydney, The Charming Tyrants Summer Series – Day Five Summer Faith Wow.  This has been a really excellent Summer Series, hasn’t it?  I’ll kinda feel bad when it’s all over and you’re stuck with me again.  I hope you’ve been as encouraged, inspired, challenged, and motivated as I have been.  I really [...]

My Meeting with an Angelic Serial Killer

Shared on Facebook by, via Pintrest.

One day last week when the sun was shining, I poured a glass of lemonade and headed outside with my two kids.  Public school was still in session, so the neighborhood was moderately peaceful.  The older woman across the street just brought her two yapping, fluffy balls of fur inside.  The neighbors on either side [...]

Date Night on The Fringe

Stacy London

We rarely have a dress up and go out kind of date night.  I know the experts say married couples should ‘date’ regularly, whether regular is once a week or once a month, and I completely agree. *Insert me jumping to feet, applauding, and screaming A-Men!* However, when you have children, date night often becomes [...]