My Mental Struggle

Although I am hesitant to disclose yet MORE personal information about myself, I am burdened by my inadequacies.  I am even more desperate for answers to my nagging questions. My confessions seem to have liberated some in cyberspace and I am happy for even the small breakthroughs my insanity has initiated.  Currently I am struggling with the question, "When have I said too much?" If you get to know me too well, I may lose your vote for president in 4 years.  As a matter of fact, DON'T VOTE FOR ME.  Our world will be safer that way.  Imagine the scandal if my panties show up in one of … [Read more...]

Cooking Confessions

With the holidays approaching, I am reminded of my early days of cooking.  When I first married I did not own a cookbook and I really had NO desire to cook.  Now, I like to eat and always have, so this presented a slight problem.  Luckily for me, my husband was a bachelor for quite some time and knew how to cook. As he slowly introduced me to the wondrous world of cooking, I had a few ambitious moments that I will now confess. 1.  I did not touch raw meat.  Yuck!  I used lots of utensils to lift meat out of the packaging and into a pot, pan, or whatever device I was using for cooking.  … [Read more...]

My Secret Life

I am constantly reading everybody's "confessions".  I think it's the trend to confess your deepest, darkest secrets on your blog.  So I thought, why not join in the fun. Here goes...the tell all. 1.  I NEVER finish the last sip of liquid in my cup, can, or bottle.  NEVER!  Maybe it's fear of backwash.  My husband thinks I need psychological help for this disorder. 2.  I read my firstborn the dictionary when he was only days old.  I continued reading to him out of dictionary for much of his infancy.  Yes, some mothers start their young ones on Peter Rabbit, but I jumped right to The … [Read more...]