Washi Tape Ideas & Inspiration

Washi Tape Ideas and Inspiration

source:  garland /candles / collage - unknown / tree / flowers - unknown / cards / house Washi tape is transforming our world one piece of sticky tape at a time, at least that's what Pinterest has lead me to believe.  So, when my son asked me what I wanted for Christmas, I said "Washi tape." God bless the poor men in my life, because my husband and son went out on a washi expedition.  I guess the washi ain't so popular in my neck of the woods.  Either that or my  men don't have the crafty gene.  They don't have the shopping gene either, so you can imagine their problems. I sent them to … [Read more...]

Glitter Deer Silhouette: A DIY Project

Glitter Deer Silhouette on wood

Glitter makes everything better. I heard this mantra sung by women on Pinterest, and even a few of my friends buy into the idea that our world should sparkle. For a while, I hesitated to embrace the shiny of it all.  Oh, I saw the twinkle in their eyes, but I remembered ill-fated projects of the past.  Glitter has a funny way of making me think of second grade, and I rather not remember all the glue eaters in second grade. Were you a glue eater? You can admit it.  This is a judgement free zone. FringeMan ate glue. I did not.  I probably ate the glitter and was left with a … [Read more...]

Some Make it Beautiful: DIY

others make a place beautiful 3

SOME PEOPLE LOOK FOR A BEAUTIFUL PLACE OTHERS MAKE A PLACE BEAUTIFUL Isn't that so true? Now, granted, some of us do a better job making our places beautiful than others.  Beauty is in the eye (and pocketbook) of the beholder.  I do not do nearly as good a job as most people, but I am working on it, one mediocre project at a time.  And that's ok.  I am good with it. Pinterest is a pretty fabulous place.  Not only can we look at the best of the beautiful and be inspired, but we can take that inspiration and add a little beautiful to our own corner of the world. I ran across THIS PROJECT on … [Read more...]

Brought to You by The Letter “R”

Mixed Media art

Today is one of those days that leave me thinking I should get more sleep or drink more caffeine.  A little of  both would probably be beneficial. That is why today's post is brought to you by the letter "R" for "Random". ***** First I want to put your nutritionally balanced minds at ease.  I learned to eat my vegetables.  I should have clarified that fact in Friday's anniversary post about why I was afraid to marry FringeMan.  You see, eventually I had children, and children need to eat their veggies, but they won't if their mama doesn't.  So I do.  It's really that simple.  I am now … [Read more...]


Stone Mountain, Georgia

Artificiality ~ by FringeBoy I went to McDonald's one Saturday night. I walked up to the counter and ordered a tea. The awful stuff gave me quite a fright, For what I was drinking was pure artificiality. I spit it out on the floor. I said, "Adios" and I walked out the door. ____________________________________________ First, I would like to say how pleased I am that my son expressed himself through poetry.  He wrote this a little while back and I just ran across it once again.  I'm 100% on board with his thought process.  I believe McDonald's is artificial; however, who goes … [Read more...]

Finding Space for Creativity

vintage light

My husband loves me. Know how I know? The other day when he was rewiring a 200-year-old house, he took down a little light fixture and walked it over to the dumpster.  Just as he was about to toss it in, he thought, "I should save this for my wife.  She would like it." So you girls can keep your flowers and chocolates.  I'll take my vintage light love any day of the week. I've been thinking that I need to carve out a little niche in my house and make it my "office" space.  I love using the kitchen island and all, but I really would enjoy a more private, inspirational space to … [Read more...]

Oh Vanity of Vanities – Fiction Friday Revived

audrey hepburn

You may need a little background before you read this excerpt from my larger work of fiction (still very much in progress).  I drew inspiration from my own bad hair cut, wrote about it, and continued the story line.  It's all purely fiction, but you can gain a little understanding if you go back and read about my bad hair cut.  Then you'll understand where this entry picks up. Not My Life is the story of a pastor's wife, Patty, who believes privacy is for fitting rooms and confessionals.  She wants to share her story with the world, even if it's sometimes at the expense of her … [Read more...]

The Tenacity of Creativity


One year I made mason jar lamps filled with pine cones and gifted them to almost everyone in my family.  Another time, I upcycled the baskets used to hold wedding paraphernalia on my big day.  I painted them white and learned to sew by making liners out of fabric filled with tiny gingerbread men. I think it's pretty safe to say my family hated every one of my gifts.  They didn't even pretend with me...no putting out my lamps when I visited or filling my baskets with junk and stashing them in a corner.  Nada. I've long since come to my senses and stopped gifting handmade, unless I … [Read more...]

Summer Creativity ~ Be Inspired

Photo courtesy of Sydney, The Charming Tyrants Summer Series Summer Creativity ~ Be Inspired Today I'd like to welcome Jeanne.  She is a super-creative, delightful woman who has accomplished so much in her young life.  She has a lovely family and a thriving business.  Her blog inspires, challenges, and guides women to find their passion and pursue it.  I cannot think of a better person to inspire us this summer. Is there a passion you'd like to pursue, but you think 'life' is holding you back? Read on and be inspired.  Let your creativity loose this summer. Thank you Jeanne for being my … [Read more...]

Summer Art – Be Inspired to Create With Your Kids

Summer Art - Be Inspired to Create With Your Kids

Photo courtesy of Sydney, The Charming Tyrants Summer Series - Day Three Summer Art So far I LOVE this Summer Series and am wondering why I didn't think to host it sooner.  Shannan and Laura have been so wonderful in sharing their hearts and talents with us.  If you missed Summer Fun and Summer Fashion, please take a moment to read.  Today Meg from Whatever is talking about Summer Art and I cannot think of a better woman to speak on this subject.  Meg is incredibly creative and fun and wears super-cute outfits.  She has a delightful family and recounts their always fun days on her blog, … [Read more...]

Why I know Skype was Not Invented by a Woman


Good morning Friday.  I'm glad to see you; however, I would prefer your sunny smile to your sad, gray mood.  We are wet with your tears.  No need to be sad.  It's officially summer, and we need your warmth.  Our southern friends are bragging of your goodness, your smiling face, and the warm golden glow you give them whenever you are near.  That's what we want - to sit at your feet and bask in your rays, to speckle with freckles after your visit.  So dry off your tears, try a smile on, and spend a little time happy in our presence.  We'll thank you. Happy Friday! I know today is Fiction … [Read more...]

Fiction Friday – 4th Edition – Interrupted by Lightning

Welcome to the Fourth Edition of Fiction Friday! So glad you're here. It is my hope that many of you will join us by linking your fiction post. Please read many of the links and be generous in your comments. Help us share the opportunity by grabbing a Fiction Friday Button and proudly displaying it on your blog. We'd also love a tweet or stumble or facebook share. Some of the most skilled, prolific writers are bloggers, so let's help each other out. Thank You! Fiction Friday with The Domestic Fringe The rules are as follows: Write fiction. Provide a link back to my Fiction … [Read more...]

When Kids Want to Cook


This kid, my kid, want to cook.  Believe me, I'm all about someone else doing the cooking in my kitchen, but I'm having a difficult time encouraging his new hobby while at the same time making sure our groceries last for the entire week. You see, he doesn't want to follow a recipe, he wants to create, to invent, to flavor to his own taste. A little part of me wishes that we were blessed with good sense, so we wouldn't go through life as starving artists, following our passions.  The rest of me wants to see him make something out of nothing.  If you're an artist of any kind, you know the … [Read more...]

Five Minutes of Favorites

I'm writing with a timer for 5 minutes on the prompt... "A Few of My Favorite Things" START The silence of night's end.  Voices sleep, activity fades to memory, and I curl up in bed with a dim light and book.  For a few quiet moments relaxation trumps sleep and I sit in complete peace. The feel of slipping into a bed with clean white sheets. Greeting of my first cup of coffee.  I'm not too fond of the second, but the first cup I need. The feel of my eleven-year old son slipping into my arms for a hug. I love seeing my daughter mix outlandish outfits topped with an even more … [Read more...]

Discovery – How to be in 2 places at once

2 days on the Hudson 062

Don't we all wish we could be in two places at once? Today I am. You can visit me over at Type-A Parent. I'm talking about ways to cultivate your child's creativity. Remember when I was silent for two weeks?  It's was a miracle!  Not only a silent night, but a silent day - about 15 to be exact.  (I made up 15.  It could've been 14 or 16 for all I know.  I'm not a very exact person.) During my silent time, the FringeFamily escaped the Arctic Tundra for a few days and went to visit my mom.  We surprised her.  Then my aunt and uncle surprised us and we all had a nice loud dinner, … [Read more...]

Where I Write


Where do you write? Recently there was a meme or maybe just a creativity generator going around blogland entitled Where I Blog.  Women showed photos of plump chairs, the cushion well-worn into the shape of a blogger's bottom, kitchen tables, modest desks, and if fortune abounds, an office - a bona-fide space for writing, for creativity, for moments of soul spilling. I write in my head. Oh sometimes, I'll grab my laptop at the end of the day and type words, lists barely scraping the surface of my thoughts.  It's most often all I can manage amid the rush of motherhood, of life, but the … [Read more...]

The Kreativ Blogger Award


I am honored to have been awarded this Kreativ Blogger Award twice.  Once by Mom's, Ministry, and More and most recently by Primitiques 'n Poetry.  Thank you ladies!  Mindy from Primitiques 'n Poetry was even kind enough to teach me how to claim this lovely award and insert into my post.  I would proudly display it on my sidebar, but I've been unsuccessful. I started the domestic fringe the first of September after being on vacation and reading Word Press For Dummies.  Those "For Dummies" books were written especially for people like me.  I know some go on vacation to lounge in the sun, … [Read more...]