How Pinterest Helped Me Find My Style

How Pinterest Helped Me Find My Style

For the longest time, I never really knew my style. I like old, new, modern, vintage, and country.  Throw in touches of white paint and I’m a shabby hodge-podge of style.  My decor ends up looking more like a community yard sale than a well-thought collection of things that reflect my personality, but for girls […]

Splurging for An Ugly Christmas

Splurging for Ugly This Christmas - A story about my ugly tree.

Friends, this is all absolute truth.  If you ever want to celebrate an ugly Christmas, I am your stylist.  Call me for a Christmas 411 and I shall bring my magic bag filled with all kinds of ugly surprises.  I’m talented that way. After several years of living on a shoestring budget, I decided that […]

DIY Home Office Transformation

DIY Home Office Transformation

I am beside myself.  To say I love this space is like saying chocolate is just ok.  What?  Make that stuff liquid and pour it in my veins.  Chocolate is my life-blood. That’s how I feel about this space.  I am head-over-heels in love – to the moon and back – beyond a shadow of […]

DIY Bathroom Renovation – Before & After

Bathroom Renovation - Owl Bath mat

Since we’re all friends here, I’m going to ask you to show me a little grace.  This post needs grace and maybe a teeny bit of imagination. I’ve not claimed to be a style, DIY, or home blog.  Not at all.  I’m just living my little life in my tiny part of this world and […]

DIY New Year’s Eve Party Decorations

DIY New Year's Eve decorations

I’ve never decorated for New Years before, but my daughter is getting older and she loves a good party.  Besides, my brother-in-law and his family are coming to ring in the New Year with us, so we decided to make things festive, because our house wasn’t festive enough with Christmas decorations and birthday balloons everywhere.  […]

My Dining Room Got A Face Lift

DIY old map into home decor

I don’t know what happened to me overnight, but I woke up purposed to give my dining room a face lift. It might make sense if I dreamed of Martha Stewart or glue guns and Hobby Lobby, but I dreamed I was getting married.  Yes, FringeMan was the lucky groom.  Naturally after a night full […]

Looking A Lot Like Christmas

White Christmas Tree @ The Domestic Fringe

I feel a little bit bad about making you look at photos of my Christmas tree.  I think it’s a lot like our parents making their friends look at slides of their family vacation. Come to think of it, I make you look at vacation pictures too.  Oh, well. What’s a few torturous photos between […]

My Big Fat Tacky Thanksgiving

Antler headband and white Christmas tree

Every family has their special talent; we do tacky well, and we’re kind of proud of it. We planned on being in Vermont yesterday with friends, but the plague took over our house and we were in containment mode. I’m one of those people who like to have a house full on the holidays.  It […]

Book Shelves – A DIY Makeover

Home decorating with books

Every so often things need to get changed up in my house. They also really need to be cleaned, because when I leave all the dusting to my ten year-old daughter, places get overlooked.  Sometimes entire bookcases get overlooked, for a long time. I am quite proficient at procrastination though, and I can almost always […]

Hello Monday. (Surprise Inside!)

owl art by urban tickle on Etsy

Hello good Monday morning. I’m generally not your biggest fan, but you’re all bright and shiny this morning, so I cannot help but fall for you.  I hesitate to speak too soon, but I think we’re going to get along just fine. Hello free night at the zoo. We’ll be visiting your inhabitants after allergy […]

I Stop for It

vintage yellow cart

Sometimes FringeMan and I have different opinions.  We don’t always agree, especially when it comes to junk.  I see treasure in things he thinks are trash, and sometimes he sees the diamond in what I know is lump of useless coal.  That’s what keeps us from being hoarders.  We compromise, throw stuff out, and vow […]

Coffee Trails & Other Percolations

christmas tree

This is the kind of morning that drips a coffee trail behind me. I woke up and went right to the Christmas tree and plugged it in.  Everyone knows a lit tree is the perfect start to a day, especially after a night when I didn’t sleep very well.   Or maybe I did.  Maybe it […]

Home Improvements Make Me Happy (& Crazy)


It’s Friday.  I’ve been out of the blogging loop for so long (yes, two weeks is really long in blog time) that I don’t know where to begin.  I do know that a contractor just left my house after installing a new chimney and wood stove.  I can’t wait to get burning and make my […]

Decorating for Fall – Put a Pumpkin on it!


There’s something about waking up to crisp air and a house that greets me with a heavy thirteen year old robe and fuzzy slippers that makes me want to clean.  It’s a phenomena I cannot explain.  Not even in spring do I feel this internal urge to throw everything out and scrub my house with […]

What’s Black & White and Pink all over?


My baby is growing up and I’m not really sure if I like it.  That’s the truth. She thought her yellow room, full of pastels and fluff, was too babyish. But there were butterflies flying on her walls! I didn’t care if she had her flowered sheets since she was two.  Once upon a time […]

In Lieu of Red, White, and Blue


Will you feel terrible if I don’t write a sappy 4th of July post? You can read this one from last year or this one from the year before if you really need a booster shot of patriotism.  I do apologize to my all-American readers.  In fact, I’ll probably write a recap later in the […]