Changes on The Domestic Fringe


You may have noticed that this blog went through an identity crisis this week.  It's because I am gearing up for something big (read on and you'll find out what) and I'm trying to find my way in this wonky world of blogging. I think I changed my header four times before settling on this one.  If you hate the little house and bird, please don't tell me, because I cannot bring myself to create one more lousy design.  I actually like this header and think it's going to be around for a long time. Note:  Everything creative is subject to my whims and weather conditions.  The longer it … [Read more...]

The Difference A Day Can Make

me & john

I know I scared some of you yesterday by posting FringeMan's video, but we were sitting at the kitchen island being dorks and laughing at our own stupidity.  It was such fun, I thought I'd share with you, only you don't know the giant teddy bear that is FringeMan, so maybe it was a touch psychotic. We can be like that sometimes. Lovably psychotic. Isn't it amazing the difference a day can make? Most mornings I un-burry my head from my pillows and it's same old, same old, but then out of nowhere, one morning changes everything for the next month.  I guess that's the exciting … [Read more...]

The Doctor Says…

I sat in the waiting area (it wasn't exactly a waiting "room" since this technically wasn't a "Dr.'s" office) picking frantically at the cuticle around my pinkie finger - a wretched habit I'd inherited from my mother.  How could I have failed?  They told me to answer honestly and that's precisely what I did after reading each concocted scenario.  The situations were completely contrived and I could hardly imagine myself as one of the characters. Drips of red trickled down my pinkie and I fished in my pockets for a tissue.  Locating that tissue was harder than catching a hungry fish with my … [Read more...]


My Brother

When I was a kid I wanted to become a doctor or private investigator.  Now, I just self-diagnose and spy on the neighbors. Do you ever wonder how some people end up in certain careers?  I mean, what kid grows up saying “I’m going to be a mortician one day.”  It just doesn’t happen, especially when there are all those exciting jobs like doctor, fireman, and reporter. So I’ve been thinking about jobs recently.  I fished out my resume (yes, even I have one) in order to help a young person (not that I’m an old person) who’s looking for a job.  I had to unearth this yellowed document from a … [Read more...]