Monday’s Musings: Cinco de Mayo

Porch Flowers with a Pink Flamingo

Happy Cinco de Mayo.  I feel I should be honoring this day by making tacos or something extra spicy, but I’ll probably make hot dogs and/or leftover chicken soup.  It’s what we’ve got.  I know, I know.  It’s a total holiday fail. I’ve got a bad track record with the little holidays.  The big ones – Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter – I get those, but all

3 Things, One Tattoo, & A Golden Antler

Tattoo of Boots Nailed to the Cross

I’ve been a little off this fall. I mean, I didn’t put out one pumpkin in my house.  Not one.  I thought about it, but when I went looking for my “fall” decorations, I couldn’t find the box, because I think it’s buried behind our Christmas decorations and I just wasn’t that committed to being festive. I did, however, buy a pumpkin for the porch

So, I’ve been on a Diet

Humor over Fashion Trends, namely Skinny Jeans. One girl's battle with big legs and small pants.

You all know I’ve been on a diet, right? Only diet seems to be a four letter word.  It’s a healthy eating plan.  It’s a new outlook, a renewed relationship with food.  It’s for life. That kind of makes me want to jump off the nearest bridge, because it smacks of donut shops with a big red circle with a line go through it, as

Christmas Crunch Challenge

Christmas Crunch Challenge

Jillian tried to kill me with a squat. I don’t even know if they were squats, but everything becomes a squat of death when you have four gallons of sweat in your eyes and every muscle in your lower body is trembling. “Ramp up your workout.”  Says everyone. “Walking is for sissies and old lady’s.” “Pick up those feet and R.U.N.” “Give Jillian the chance

Thinking Outside the Gym Box

Health & Fitness: 5 Tips for Exercise

I’m thinking outside the gym box (and outside the Oreo box, but let’s not bring that up) and talking about some creative ways to get moving this summer. You see, I’ve always wanted to substitute liposuction for exercise, but I can’t get my insurance company to believe liposuction is necessary for my health and well being.  They don’t know I’m doing squats at death’s door!