American Girl Doll Fashion Show

American Girl Doll Fundraising Event for Upstate New York's Cerebral Palsy

American Girl Doll Fashion Show Upstate New York’s Cerebral Palsy Association hosted an American Girl Doll Fashion Show as a fundraiser this weekend.  We attended last year and had so much fun, we decided to make it a bit of a tradition. I love when we can enjoy a wonderful day out and help a [...]

My Son was Worried I’d be Bored

summer landscape

It’s been difficult to write much this summer and the truth is, I haven’t really felt like writing.  I’ve let funny moments go undocumented, just because.  In some ways, I’ve felt like I needed some space this summer. Moods are such curious things.     My kids are out at a hunter safety class tonight.  [...]

Suddenly, I’m the Camp Counselor

FringeKid picking blueberries

Yesterday began early, very early.  So early that I had to stop for coffee on my way out of town. I wasn’t going out of town, like in we’re headed for some sort of vacation or voyage or anything.  I was just headed to a neighboring town to visit the community college.  My daughter was [...]

Summer Fun in Photos & A Bonus Pep Talk

flowers by the river

Since I upgraded from a flip-phone to an iPhone, I’ve had fun with the photo feature. I think my phone takes better pictures than my camera. I feel like I’ve been silent here for a long time. It’s a strange feeling. Although I’ve been posting quite regularly, I don’t think I’ve been saying much. I [...]

Real-Life Housewives of NY – Sitting Poolside

Summer Fun - Poolside

  I know some of you think that I’m real-life housewife of New York, glamorously lounging poolside while my children frolic in the chlorinated blue water, but in all actuality, when  you’re used to this for seven months out of the year…     and then you get temperatures that rise extremely close to the [...]

It All Happened the First Week of Summer

Fun Pool Pictures

    One week of summer break down and I’m in love with life, even though it has rained nearly every single day.  Despite the great deluges and mini-floods rushing down the street, the sun peaked out a time or two and believe me, as soon as the clouds parted, we ran for the door. [...]

DIY Marshmallow Shooter

How to make a marshmallow shooter from PVC pipe

I’m still coming to terms with the fact that I have a teen and tween.   News Flash:  They aren’t babies anymore.   I get it.  I get it. What was fun for twelve years is now boring.  They are stretching me.  Causing me to be creative in a different way.  I’m actually pretty good [...]

Birthday Party in The Park

kids with water balloons

After a pretty spectacular birthday party in the park this weekend, I’m joining Lisa Leonard in saying Hello to Monday. I’m ready to officially change my children’s birth-dates to a summer month, because sunny skies are way easier to work with than snowy roads. I cannot tell you how thankful I am that Saturday was [...]

Mexican Birthdays a la Fringe

Birthday Balloon Confetti

I bought 96 hot dogs. The copious amount of hot dogs, sugary drinks, and puffed fatty doodles are all for the birthday party on Saturday. FringeMan is making marshmallow shooters for all of my son’s friends.  I suspect that the park will look like it rained marshmallows by the end of the day. Who gets [...]

Devil’s Surprise

kitchen table turned craft table

Hello Confetti My mother is on a mission to get even with me for some contrived childhood offenses, at least that is the only reasonable explanation for filling my son’s birthday card with a pound and a half of confetti. At first I thought these little balloons were cute, but two days later, they are [...]

It’s a New Year – 2013

Snuggies gone wild

New Year’s Eve 2012 was the best New Years we’ve had in a long time.  Think family, fun, and high calorie food.  My brother-in-law high-fived me when he found the crock of Little Smokies. I think this picture pretty much says it all. *** Caption Contest *** Give that photo a caption! This New Year’s [...]

Holiday Humor, Day 1

After several years of living on a shoestring budget, I decided that I was going to create a fabulous Christmassy mood in my home this year. I mean, even the mice are getting tired of the popcorn strung on my tree and our stockings have wear holes because we use them for extra socks throughout [...]

Hello Monday: First Snow

First Snowball of The Season - It's in my freezer. Why? I'm still asking that.

Hello First Snow What counts as the first snow?  Is it the first flake? I don’t count random flakes or even light, quickly passing snow showers as the “first snow”.  I think that comes from living in snow country one too many winters.  For me, the first snow is when it’s been snowing for an [...]

What I Did in 31 Days

Old house in field - Fall

October was weird for me. I blog day-to-day, about life and the stuff that is stuck in my head.  October was different.  I told stories everyday and wrote about one topic – Living by Faith. Since I tend to be a fly by the seat of my pants kind of blogger, I thought I would [...]

Halloween – More Than Candy

Kids on Halloween

We have a Halloween tradition in our family.  It’s all hands on deck and full parental participation for the night. Our kids look forward to it all year long.  My son thinks of trick-or-treating as a highly classified reconnaissance mission to rid our entire town of candy.  He hits up every house and every business. [...]

Pinterest Party #1

It’s a party! A Pinterest Party Here’s how it works: Get some inspiration from Pinterest (pinspiration). Create a DIY project, outfit, recipe, craft, or room design from your Pinspiration. Blog about it. Come to a Pinterest Party on the first of every month and link up your blog post. Here’s the rules: Your post must [...]