Ghosts of Halloween Past

halloween costumes

First things first:  I am praying for all those affected by Sandy and I hope you are too. I know what it is like to live through a hurricane.  I know it changes life, forever for some people.  Even simple tasks can be difficult after a giant storm. The hard work of cleanup and rebuilding [...]

Looking Back, Looking Ahead

31 Days of Living by Faith Monday is coming fast.  Are you ready?  I’m not sure I am.  I’ve never had butterflies in my stomach over my blog before.  Now it’s like all the butterflies in the world landed in my stomach.  My daughter says in the winter they go to Texas, but I disagree.  [...]

Some Make it Beautiful: DIY

others make a place beautiful 3

SOME PEOPLE LOOK FOR A BEAUTIFUL PLACE OTHERS MAKE A PLACE BEAUTIFUL Isn’t that so true? Now, granted, some of us do a better job making our places beautiful than others.  Beauty is in the eye (and pocketbook) of the beholder.  I do not do nearly as good a job as most people, but I [...]

Trending: Oxblood

Entire fall outfit from Target dress and sweater and leggings

I feel I must redeem myself after my last fashion post  – The Skinny on The Jean.   It is my most-shared post to date.  Part of me thinks – Fabulous!  The sane part of me thinks -  Everyone  and their neighbor was laughing at me and my not-so-skinny bottom half. Maybe you were just identifying [...]

Hello Monday, Hello Fall

American Flag in cemetary with Cross

Hello Monday. Are you sure you only have 24 hours, because my to-do list is really, really long today.  I want to do it all, but we’ll see.  I would settle for a almost all. Hello Early Fall. I love you.  Mostly because I love boots and I can wear my boots every single day [...]

Art: The Act of Making Things Pretty

henna hand tattoo

At least that is my definition  of art for today. Yesterday I told you about our exciting Saturday at the Garlic Festival, but I left something out.  I hate to leave anything out, especially the good stuff and there’s plenty of that. My mom looked at me late Saturday afternoon and said, “Visiting you is [...]

Hello Monday, Vanilla, & Garlic

Garlic Festival New York

Hello Million Dollar Question What do vanilla and garlic have in common? *Que Jeopardy Song* Still no guesses?? The Fringe of course! Hello Garlic Festival You proved a very exciting event!  We married garlic and Fringe Vanilla on Saturday.  Some said it would never work, but we proved them wrong. My mother even baked a [...]


first day of school jc

I snoozed my alarm clock three times this morning. I should be more ashamed than I am, but I have always been honest with you here.  I never once pretended to like mornings.  Before 10 a.m., I am no better than a sluggard with sand her eyes. Today is day three of back-to-school.  If it [...]

Shaving Cream Wars

How to throw a low cost party you will never forget - Shaving Cream Wars

  Shaving Cream Wars – A Party Your Kids Will Never Forget   Warning: Heavy on photos.  Allow a moment to load. As the last day of summer vacation approached, I told FringeMan I wanted to do something special for the kids – summer’s last hoorah. We decided on shaving cream wars.  So I baked [...]

Catching a Wave

Surfer Shirt Old Navy

I’ve noticed something about my personal style.  It is comfort driven. I think that’s bad and I’m pretty certain Stacey and Clinton would agree, but I am almost ok with being bad and perhaps the slightest bit boring.  I think. I don’t get into belts and clasps and things that need to be kept straight [...]

Pizza Snobs

pie in the sky

I’ll be the first to admit the FringeFamily are pizza snobs.  We just cannot help ourselves. When you grow up with authentic New York slices, you can smell a good pie (pizza pie) from a block away.  You account for crust, texture, spiciness of sauce, stringiness of cheese, and the tell-all crunch in the first [...]

Six Flags Over Georgia

Six Flags over Georgia

For two years my son has dreamed of Six Flags – the excitement of the ride, the thrill of the coasters, the sound of a thousand screaming children. Yesterday his dream came true.  We arrived at Six Flags Over Atlanta before the park opened. It was a temperate one hundred degrees and the sun was [...]

Easy Living

fuzzy dice

I am writing this on location from Almost-Heaven, Virginia.  It is Almost-Heaven because we are staying in a nice hotel.  I think I want to live in this hotel, and a long-term lease may actually be semi-affordable.  Or not.  I have no idea, because we usually stay in places that promise to leave the light [...]

A Picture A Day

Vintage Car

In the beginning of July, I set out to take a picture a day.  Unfortunately I kept forgetting to grab my camera and snap a photo, so I only made it a few days.  I’ll try and do better in August, but for now, here is a quick picture of July. July 1 My husband [...]

The Great Outdoors


I’m pooped.  All morning I’ve wandered around piles of clothes, sleeping bags, and stacks of chairs (and that’s only in my dining room) trying to put everything away, but all I’ve managed to do is load the dishwasher and fill the washing machine.  It’s nearly eleven o’clock.  At this rate, we should have a clean [...]