I Found It On Etsy

Pac Man Ring on Etsy

I have a pot of spaghetti sauce simmering on the stove-top and I’m waiting for my bread to rise, so I  opened my laptop in order to waste a little time. Usually Pinterest helps me while away the minutes, but I realized I hadn’t been on Etsy in quite some time, so off I went, [...]

Sitting On It


No, this isn’t the post were we discuss how our bottoms have spread into pancake-like pillows with too much stuffing. Thank God it’s not that post.  That kind of talk could send me into a winter long depression, and I’m not even sure my bottle of Vitamin D could help get me out of that [...]

Yard Sale Snags


I am about to disappoint every single one of you, because you want to hear about how I am spending my $1,000 miracle money.  Unfortunately, I’m making you wait another day.  It’s nothing grand anyway; however, it requires explanation and I’m in a crunch for time. Besides, I haven’t been yardsaling in FOREVER.  It’s bad [...]

Spray Paint Magic

Before - Ugly Brass Lamp

On this Monday morning, I feel the need to impart great wisdom. Never spray paint while wearing new glasses. That was my great nugget of wisdom. I know, I’m deep on Mondays, but this is good advice.  I generally reserve my old pair of glasses for spray painting, because without them, I risk leaving unpainted [...]

What’s it Worth?


I’m a sucker for a salesman.  I could be talked into needing a rotating plastic hanger if someone knocked on my door selling one.  It’s my sympathetic heart.  I actually feel bad for salesman, so I’ll listen to them and feel like I need to buy something from them…just because. I’ve been sold on vacuum [...]