Hello Monday, Hello Family Time

Kid in shopping cart

Hello Monday I like you a lot today, mostly because it’s a “day off” (translate laundry day) and I slept until 10:30 am.  I suppose I should be ashamed to admit that on the internet, but I never claimed to be a morning person.  A snowy holiday morning sounds like the perfect time to sleep [...]

How NOT to Parent

How Not to Parent - Playing tricks on your kids

  FringeMan and I played a terrible little trick on my son the other day.  Remember when we almost got food poisoning from the questionable Mexican restaurant?  Well, after our dinner, we ran into Rite Aid so I could pick up a bottle of Benadryl.  I have histamines that think they are superheros.  Zyrtec and [...]

The Day After Ugly

So my “ugly” post is being received about as well as bowl of poison berries.  I just felt like I had to say life is ugly.  Sometimes.  We may white-wash her, prop her up in a corner, and paint her lips, but she’s still ugly.  There are people who are hurting, who have lost everything, [...]

Do Not Pass Go, Do Not Collect $200

Marvin Gardens

This week the FringeFamily will get to experience winter and spring all in the same week.  It’s pretty incredible really.  Monday was snow flurries and Thursday will be fifty-seven degrees.  That’s shorts weather in these parts. Apparently the excitement in my life has hit an all-time low, because I feel the need to blog about [...]

Sunday’s Injustice & A Moment of Silence


A moment of silence please for the Patriots fans. ************************moment************************* Superbowl Sunday was a little weird for me, and that’s saying something, because let’s face it, my ‘normal’ is just little off.  If I say it’s weird, it’s weird. Yesterday morning FringeMan wasn’t preaching anywhere, so we visited a church on recommendation from a lady [...]

A Weekend With Irene


I heard you had a date with Irene?  So many on the East Coast did.  The big question is, how did it go? Our date went splendidly.  With only some wind and rain, we survived.  The back of my house didn’t even leak and every single time we get torrential rains, it floods the back [...]

My Hubby’s Sticky Buns


Hope you all had a happy Father’s Day and enjoyed your weekend.  We had a really nice, pretty relaxing Father’s Day. We ate almond sticky buns for breakfast, but I cheated and made them on Saturday night.  They were still very fresh when I woke up at 6:15 (AM) to warm the oven and reheat [...]

10 Things on Tuesday

frizz ease

1.  It’s cold and rainy today.  I woke up early, showered, dressed (nice), then went to the doctors for allergy shots.  Immediately upon returning home, I changed into sweatpants, a t-shirt, and the (dreaded) paint-stained moose sweatshirt.  I plan to live a very fully today – fully lazy.  My laziness ends around five tonight when [...]

A dirty day is a day well spent.


There are some days I will never forget.  On those days of greatest personal impact, I can remember the clothes I wore, the feelings churning in my stomach, and a myriad of insignificant details that get brain-stuck for all time. One such memory is the biggest dirt fight of my childhood, or rather the paternal [...]

Sunshine May Save The Day


Good day all.  I do hope you’re in the mood for random. There is so much actual work to be done today, but this morning’s sunshine is already tempting me to abandon all duty and go play.  I mean is my bathroom really that dirty?  Do we really need clean clothes??  Clean dishes?  I can [...]

If you met me…

Playing Spoons, the funniest game ever

  START: If you met me, you might not like me. That’s just truth.  Not everyone can like me. If you met me, you’d notice that I’m more of a laid back, hands off type of parent.  I don’t feel the need to take part in every one of my child’s activities.  They can play [...]

He tied the string around my heart.


Sunday afternoon in the calm moments between day of church, fun, play, Awana and the “rest,” my son walked into the kitchen. With arms finding my middle, he looked up with blue eyes of crystal and said, “You’re beautiful. Have I told you that?” Suddenly I forgot why I grounded him on Saturday. With his [...]

School is in Session


I am pleased to report that the FringeFamily has survived two days of school without incident.  We even managed to have some fun! If the next 178 days go as smoothly, I’ll have nothing to write about. Does anyone have this game?  I recently found it at Barnes and Noble and I absolutely love it.  [...]